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A financial platform for the next 3.5 billion people in emerging markets powered by the Dala Utility Token. Dala Token Sale ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 25/10/17 – 11/12/17

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web site Dala Token Sale
web site Dala Token Sale
web site Dala Token Sale
web site Dala Token Sale
web site Dala Token Sale

About Dala Token Sale ICO (token sale)


Wala is a financial platform with a mission to help people reach financial prosperity by eliminating the barriers to banking. Our goal is to close the gap that exists between consumers and financial service providers by increasing the accessibility of the financial system. Wala achieves this by making basic banking free and by making all financial services available through a customer’s phone.


Wala has created the world’s first borderless, rewards driven, zero fee financial platform that will be powered by the Dala utility token. Through Dala, Wala makes use of the best of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tokenization to start a financial revolution for the next 3.5 billion consumers.


The Dala ICO utility token is a general-purpose ERC-20 crypto-token created to enable free banking for emerging market consumers. The token is fractionally divisible and is independent of all local currencies and cryptocurrencies. Consumers will be able to engage in the Dala ecosystem by making transfers using their own token wallets, via the Wala Financial Platform, or through other applications built using the Dala API.



The first application to make use of Dala will be the Wala Financial Platform. Upon launch, the Dala token will have immediate utility within the Wala Financial Platform where a user can transfer Dala to other Wala users for free, remit across borders, and redeem for airtime, data, and other value-added services. Together, the Dala token and the Wala Financial Platform can remove all barriers enabling free and accessible financial services.