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Leverj, the decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading, plans to unveil its highly-anticipated system to novice, experienced, and institutional traders interested in leveraged cryptocurrency transactions. . LeverJ ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 07/11/17 – 07/12/17

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web site LeverJ
web site LeverJ
web site LeverJ
web site LeverJ
web site LeverJ

About LeverJ ICO (token sale)

Derivatives trading is the largest market in the world at an estimated 1.2 quadrillion dollars1, with a current growth rate of 30% per year2. The cryptocurrency market is growing at an even faster rate, and is eager for a full derivatives ecosystem that exists within the traditional financial systems. Current growth in centralized cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, which is at $1 billion daily notional value3, indicates massive potential for the industry.

Traditional nance is bogged down by heavy regulation, excessive cost and censorship, among other issues. The cryptocurrency world has inherited some of these failings and added a few of its own, including counterparty risk, account security, identity protection, exchange centralization and exchange instability. Taken together, these points of friction make it inefficient and suboptimal.

Efforts to establish markets for leveraged cryptocurrency derivatives have focused on centralized exchanges that traders must trust as the custodians of their funds. In an environment where even the biggest (Bitfinex) and most security conscious (Shapeshift) exchanges experience loss of funds to hacking, a focus on security using blockchain and cryptography becomes imperative.
While decentralized exchanges are nothing new, most of them offer poor user experience, low liquidity, and scant traction. Most of these systems subsequently fail to be adopted at scale.

Leverj decentralizes the most security critical features of derivatives trading by implementing them in smart contracts. Leverj focuses on derivatives trading and the supporting ecosystem. We plan to build an ecosystem of features that will enable institutions to move into the cryptocurrency world.
Leverj consists of on-chain Custody and Staking contracts along with an off-chain centralized order book and matching engine. The exchange provides various aspects of the trading experience the user interacts with such as a UI, API, integration with other platform services, etc.

Custody contract implements the non-custodial model of Leverj. Its purpose is to hold funds and ensure that only the owner can deposit or withdraw from it. When a user deposits into the smart contract, Custody allocates any tokens or ether received against the sending address and enables withdrawal only up to the balance an account holds. This ensures that its not possible for any malicious actor to take control of all the funds.