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A three-layered business relationships ecosystem empowered by the blockchain. Opporty ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 27/11/17 – 23/12/17

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About Opporty ICO (token sale)

Opporty.com – Public Token Sale Date to Be Announced

Opporty’s goal is to become a global business marketplace and an expertise validation provider on the blockchain. The problem seeks to resolve the problems of lack of trust in business transactions and lack of privacy in traditional blockchain solutions through the implementation of its three fundamental layers: 1) Proof-of-Expertise protocol; 2) Conditional business scoring system; 3) B2B/B2C marketplace for small businesses.


Opporty’s Proof-of-Expertise protocol is empowered by Ethereum blockchain and is used to collect, store, and analyze transactions metadata, which is used in a company’s conditional business scoring system to assign business scores to individual providers and companies. The PoE is also instrumental in enabling such Opporty features as smart contracts, centralized and decentralized escrow, automatic and semi-automatic oracles. More importantly, however, the PoE protocol plays a fundamental role in creating a framework for safe and private domestic B2B/B2C transactions, cross-border transactions, and supply chain risk management. It allows to assign digital identity to businesses, providers, and suppliers, which is required in any form of transaction — be it public or private.


Opporty’s conditional business scoring system is built on top of Proof-of-Expertise protocol. It uses PoE-analyzed transactions metadata to assign individual, niche-specific scores to businesses and providers. The scores can be displayed at third-party platforms due to Opporty’s smart widgets. On top of that, the scoring system connects domain-relevant expertise to digital business identities, which establishes trust in B2B/B2C transactions. It allows for trustworthiness verification of parties participating in domestic and cross-border transactions.


Opporty’s B2B/B2C marketplace is small-business-oriented, yet allows enterprise- and government-level organizations to participate. It enables business owners and individual service providers to conduct business based on established standards, educate others by contributing content, and enjoy the benefits of a risk-free environment for doing business through decentralized Escrow and blockchain-powered smart contracts. The marketplace acts as a platform for domestic B2B/B2C transactions, B2B cross-border transactions, corporation and government procurement.


Opporty offers both companies in need of services and providers of needed services an efficient way to find each other and solve their marketing-related problems. Utilizing the best features of lead-gen platforms, Opporty elevates its business model to a new level.

  • Genuine digital reputation. For any potential business transaction, Opporty resolves the problems of trust and business worthiness through its Proof-of-Expertise protocol and unique business scoring system. Opporty aims to become a global business platform and an expertise validation provider on the Blockchain.
  • Self-regulation. With built-in escrow functionality and the support of smart contracts, Opporty ensures that every conflict between customers and providers is resolved in an unbiased, professional manner. Opporty’s selected team of independent experts (known as escrow arbitrators) creates standard rules for common services. Initially, escrow arbitrators will be selected by Opporty administrators. As the Opporty professional community matures, judges will be chosen by the community itself (based on pre-approved voting rules). Only the best-rated experts will be allowed to become judges in the escrow process.
  • Quality Protection. Opporty is the first platform to offer decentralized escrow provided by real experts, along with legally enforceable electronic agreements that can be executed automatically with the help of automatic and semi-automatic oracles. Escrow procedure ensures that every customer receives the highest level of service. When a problem arises, it is resolved by a carefully selected group of escrow arbitrators.
  • Community of Experts. Once a company or individual service provider is registered, they become an integral part of Opporty’s community, which allows them to increase awareness and exposure, and build trust and authority among targeted audiences. Opporty enables businesses to facilitate purchases and sales, maximize lead-gen efficiency and establish themselves as experts. With the help of Proof-of-Expertise protocol, Opporty’s ecosystem is able to identify the genuine gurus of any niche.
  • Free responses to user requests. Once a provider is registered on Opporty, they acquire a monthly number of free responses. This allows recently registered users to compete with established loyal customers. When a provider’s free responses expire, they are able to purchase more with fiat, or with tokens earned by completing rewarding activities on the Opporty platform.
  • Renewable rating. Opporty’s ranking system is flexible. A user’s ranking is influenced not only by stars, but also by their activities on the platform. Thus, recently registered users can quickly move their profiles up in rank by contributing to our knowledge-sharing system. By regularly refreshing ratings, the Opporty team creates fair conditions for every user.
  • Rewards for activities. Users are encouraged to contribute content through Opporty’s built-in gamification and rewards systems. Active contributors can increase their rating in Opporty search, and can be nominated to become judging and voting members of the Opporty community, called escrow arbitrators or “standard designers” (provided their expertise in their field of endeavor meets community expectations).
  • Live business ecosystem. Opporty is not just another marketplace. Opporty is a decentralized platform with digital democracy on board, providing creative freedom that stimulates robust growth. Imagine Wikipedia meets Alibaba!
  • Multiple user interfaces. There are multiple ways to interact with Opporty’s platform – via web, mobile app or by chatbot. We use the best UI/UX practices to attract users and make their lives easier!


Visit site: https://opporty.com