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The first decentralized taxi platform for freelance drivers. Cryder ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 20/01/18 – 20/02/18

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web site Cryder
web site Cryder
web site Cryder
web site Cryder

About Cryder ICO (token sale)

In the constantly changing modern world, Cryder is a blockchain based start-up, intended to revolutionize the world of the on-demand rides and freelance driving industries. De facto we are creating Cryder eco-system that will combine riders and drivers, to facilitate movement around the cities. Cryder ICO itself is an independent system, that does not react to governmental decisions and regulations, where all the rules and roles are set at the time of contract creation and can’t be change no matter what.

Profitability: All the tokens that driver earn, remain with him as no additional charges are applied from Cryder side – Cryder is completely free to use.

Decentralization: Cryder platform is fully decentralized, as there is no central authority, which can regulate eco-system participants or change the rules. After Cryder platform is launched, it will exist on the decentralized network.

Invulnerability: as Cryder is an autonomous essence build on the Ethereum blockchain it is persistent to standard on-demand-market vulnerabilities.

Unstoppability: As soon as Cryder is published to network, nobody can regulate or stop it. Deleting Cryder app, from the app markets, will change nothing, as Cryder itself is open-source and anyone who wants to make their own application with their own name and user interface, and will be able to connect to the Cryder eco-system.