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Proxy gives people a second factor for authorizing transactions via an NFC card encoded with a wallet_s private key. . Proxy ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 23/10/17 – 28/11/17

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About Proxy ICO (token sale)

Proxy ICO gives people a second factor for authorizing transactions via an NFC card encoded with a wallet’s private key. The key is stored encrypted on the card so only the owner, using the Proxy app, can use the card. Our server DOES NOT store this private key.

Whenever a transaction is initiated on a Proxy enabled wallet, the owner receives a notification and is asked to hold their card up to their phone for authorization. Other users can request funds using only a person’s username, making the initiation of the transaction extremely easy.

Users of Proxy are also given an in-app mechanism to message one another. Messages live for an optional maximum of 14 days and can be deleted by the sender. Users can easily send each other coin and negotiate any needed information exchange, all without needing to reveal any information about themselves, and all within the mobile app.

Proxy also provides a “merchant account”. Merchants are verified via our system, rated by users, and get a series of template smart contracts they can use to manage the sales of their services or products. As an example, a merchant can use a smart contract built to hold coin until a valid tracking number is issued back to the customer, at which time funds are released. We will also be proving contracts to handle subscription services. This added level of security makes customers more comfortable doing business and makes taking crypto payments turn-key for merchants.

In addition to tools for transactions, merchants get listed in our online mall (coming post-Token Sale). This makes it easy for customers to find them and their products/services. Major mobile platforms require restrictions on what services and products can be available, but this is a great way for foreign merchants to reach a wider international audience, and our web version will have fewer restrictions.

Finally, we will be providing simple forms and APIs so existing sites and services can easily integrate our payment platform. This can be as easy as a link on a Facebook page, or as seamless as a PayPal-like form during checkout.