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First Decentralized Career Oriented & Skills Training Platform.. CareerXon ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 04/11/17 – 18/11/17

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web site CareerXon
web site CareerXon
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web site CareerXon

About CareerXon ICO (token sale)

CareerXon is a phenomenon which will lead to the appearance of new interconnected platform for all career pages out there. This was unprecedented until now, but now the level of interaction this platform will provide for undiscovered companies & there websites for people who are looking for them. The goal of this project is to develop tools that uses new technologies, & connect the unconnected.It’ll connect all careers pages to one platform which will work autonomously to update new jobs on its own & generate a list of jobs on maps where you can search jobs with your relevant skills & experience. There will be two options. You manually add details of your education, experience, if any, & skills, or upload your CV & the platform will show you similar jobs near your location that match your education, experience & skills. The jobs will show up in your city or in your country on a map with regard to the skills & education details you entered. It’s basically an uber of jobs, once the job is removed from the career page, It’ll automatically be removed from the platform map & mark as hired. This platform will help those people who don’t have a job & can’t look for multiple companies at once to keep them updated, & for companies who don’t advertise or can’t afford to list jobs on other communication channels in local & international markets.

The conclusion is the world is failing to interconnect people with the right companies,on which CareerXon ICO is here to connect them.

CareerXon started from a simple brainstormed idea, born from the work we do for a living and our desire to build a better and unique platform

We can’t rely on growth alone to fix this. This project here to develop tools that uses blockchain, and more specifically, everything is done over the internet.

The unprecedented explosion of information technology is beyond any doubt one of the most striking developments throughout the world in recent years.

Investment is denominated in divisible tokens, enabling users to diversify their asset holdings and invest with even modest portfolio size.

Through the use of blockchain. Each and every transaction data is recorded and protected, and cannot be accessed or altered by third parties which remove privacy risks.

One key goal of this project is to connect the unconnected users. By implementing a connected-state network based on Ethereum smart contract, everyone can benefit from it.