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The Hacken Ecosystem is a community driven business organization that will result from this token sale and will be incorporated in a number of jurisdictions Worldwide.. Hacken ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 31/10/17 – 20/11/17

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About Hacken ICO (token sale)


Hacken ICO is the first custom-tailored decentralized token for cybersecurity professionals. It is based on Ethereum platform.

Hacken Ecosystem is a community driven business organization created to nourish the connection between blockchain and cybersecurity communities, promote hacker ethics and encourage legitimate research of computer networks and software.

Our ecosystem will allow customers to acquire high quality penetration test services and vulnerabilities assessment for their products. The whole process, as well as our findings, are timestamped and published to the blockchain-based HackenProof Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Certificate, uniquely issued for each project.

The services will be provided by a community white hat hackers centered around HackIT — the major Eastern European cybersecurity conference conducted annually in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Instead of profit-sharing or buy-back scheme, Hacken uses revolutionary burning model which makes it less volatile, ensures constant demand and controllable price of the services within our Ecosystem.

Instead of traditional fiat money or other cryptocurrencies, all transactions via HackenProof and Hacken Accelerator are made in HKN only. All profits from the operations of Hacken Ecosystem are split in half. Half of these Hackens is then deactivated and removed from the system and the other half is send back to be sold at the open market.

This model leads for change the settled exchange rate of Hackens v. other crypto or fiat currencies, leading to lower volatility and improving liquidity. We need this to keep a decent price tag for vulnerability search services, attract more hackers to the platform, as well as ensure the stable and efficient maintenance of our Ecosystem.

Hacken Ecosystem development would lead to Hacken demand increase from the Clients and VC at the same time there would be less Hackens available due to its constant deactivation.


  • Hacken marketplace development 80%
  • Team remuneration 10%
  • Advisors 7%
  • Bounty program 3%