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We are transforming our current platform into a truly decentralized and trustless environment for equities, debt securities, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the blockchain. . Proof ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 01/12/17

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About Proof ICO (token sale)

Proof ICO was created to transform low-risk investments (like valuable real estate, highly credible businesses, and interest-yielding business loans) into ownership tokens for anyone to buy. Listed investment opportunities are vetted by our partners, officiated with legal agreements stored on the blockchain, and administered by immutable smart contracts, eliminating middlemen and facilitating pure peer-to-peer trades.

Our platform is a portal onto the blockchain and a generator of industry-standard smart contracts. These smart contracts act autonomously to administer funds using the tamper-proof benefits of blockchain technology. When users transact with one another, all transactions happen directly between blockchain addresses owned by users via smart contracts. We do not administer assets or fund transfers. In this way, we are a technology provider, not a financial institution.

We propose a simple and digestible user experience for investing with simultaneous insurance protections governed by (and with the certainty of) immutable digitally computed algorithms. This proposed experience is driven by the Assurance Market Protocol (AMP). The AMP is a set of protocols and smart contracts that provide for a truly decentralized marketplace, involving untrusting counterparties whom might not be aware of each other’s’ true identities. The counterparties are able to trade ownership of physical and nonphysical assets without the need for brokers or traditional financial institutions to handle fiat currency. This activity occurs within a self-regulating, unambiguous environment built upon the cornerstones of deterministic, automated custodianship of financial assets and crowdsourced underwriting. Proof is a diverse financial asset marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to track ownership records of market participants. Within Proof, market participants are represented by blockchain addresses which perform transactions directly between one another by leveraging smart contracts which act as autonomous, preconditioned, escrow accounts. Proof also produces tools for creating and deploying smart contracts, producing legal documents for blockchain-related activities, and managing blockchain-based promotions, such as Initial Coin Offerings, commonly known as ICO’s. Proof’s flagship product, the Proof Dashboard, serves thousands of users, integrating with various Proof Suite blockchain-oriented tools to empower new kinds of businesses serving its investors and token holders. While all asset records are stored on various decentralized blockchains, there are areas of centralization which we are converting into decentralized processes. These processes include:

  • Curation of featured investments or coin offering based on trustworthiness of the issuers
  • Creditworthiness and reputation scores of token issuers
  • Holding of fiat currency, such as U.S. Dollars and Euros
  • Conversion of fiat currency into cryptocurrency.