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Rocket ICO

Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 15/02/18

A decentralised ecosystem where startup teams bring their ideas to interact with experts and investors in an efficient and safe way in order to create projects, set up ICO initiatives and raise funds in cryptocurrency.

Platform and Financial Tools.

RocketICO sets its goal to revolutionise the existing ways of raising funds and developing break-though projects, moving the relationship between the investor, expert and the team to a fundamentally new level. It will be an ever-growing DAO, in which each participant can help and is encouraged to help other participants of the community, through renumeration and other incentives.

Our approach to startups and ICO launches involves focusing on a much more efficient capital allocation than traditional venture business-accelerators have.

  1. Blockchain allows to reduce risks and significantly increase the level of business securitization due to lower transaction costs.
  2. Unlike the traditional investment model RocketICO platform micro-investors can get digital assets not only for their financial contribution to the project, but for every action that is useful to the team – such as sharing experience, helping to find the right contacts, etc.
  3. The traditional investment market has already been colonized by large capital. ICO is the opening of new and yet unexplored territories in the startups market.
  4. Our platform brings the notion of customer driven development to a new level.
  5. The participation of experts and investors at various stages of preparation and launch of the project, as well as a possibility to combine the roles of experts and investors create innovative opportunities for the community and risk reduction for the project.
  6. We support projects of a new digital economy and each successful project launched from our platform will strengthen the industry and ensure inflow of funds from world capital into it. Thus, the functionality of RocketICO is essentially a disruptive technology, which in time will completely replace the existing rules of investment.
  7. Open code allows to take the best parts of different projects and continuously improve the tools of the digital economy.