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PRE ICO Dates : 17/11/17 – 31/01/18
Ended ICO : 31/01/18 – 28/02/18

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About Wys Token ICO (token sale)

A tokenized reward system that empowers today’s consumers. Make your data work for you, unlock new features, and get future discounts.

Introducing the next generation in mobile shopping. The wysker app is a high-intensity visual shopping experience made for Generation Snapchat. It is a curated and highly personalized experience with instant gratification through a novel reward model. The wysker app launches globally on January 31, 2018 on Android and iOS.

The blockchain is at the core of the wysker ICO platform, allowing users and advertisers to have a direct relationship while protecting consumer privacy and preventing fraud. It cuts out the middleman and enables a new concept we call “advertising based on consent”. In this model, the user is in control of their data and can give selective access in exchange for wys tokens.

The wys token gives consumers discounts for product views, advertisers access to customers, and retailers new opportunities to increase their sales. It’s an ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.