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Inclusive Business Blockchain Platform

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INCLUSIVITY ICO is a blockchain platform that unites the “excluded” with the companies that provide services, creating, with an advanced mobile technology, a network of local Commercial Agents near customers and a network of opportunities for Inclusive Businesses, without neglecting equality and the respect for the environment. In addition, by incorporating millions of users, INCLUSIVITY will become the universalizer of “inclusive crypto-culture”, facilitating its expansion and access.

INCLUSVITY is the connector and catalyst of an immense scenario of possibilities for the benefit of all.

Philosophy: It should be remarked that access to services is a legitimate demand of billions of people and a priority objective of United Nations, World Bank and other organizations involved. ETHICAL-MORAL PRINCIPLE: You can and should do business with the poor, they are not mere objects of charity. Human dignity is reinforced by economic independence. Inequality and imbalance are the most disturbing elements of our present society. Only productive finance generates development, this is the philosophy of INCLUSIVITY. INCLUSIVITY ICO is not an NGO, it is a company that works for a more sustainable, free, fair and social economy. INCLUSIVITY is born with the DNA of a technological team, but with a humanistic purpose and a real obsession to get to these places, the people, their land and problems, instead of remaining always in the virtual world. We do not want to go with the “paternalism” of the First World to impose solutions to problems that we do not know about. We understand that without “landing” there is no inclusion. For that, our efforts focus on creating a structure based on the “first and last mile”, the so-called MEETING POINTS OF SERVICES (MPS), arrive where nobody even dreams of getting to, they give services to all the excluded and create value and wealth in their communities. The base of our ecosystem is the physical network of MPS, managed by local people, nexus of union between the physical and the virtual world, generating a prosperous business at the service of the local and global economy.