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Javvy integrates its crypto exchange into the Javvy wallet solution, providing much faster, simplified registration and ID verification, eliminating the current need for multiple wallets and exchanges.. Javvy ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 15/02/18

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About Javvy ICO (token sale)

Javvy ICO – a comprehensive solution for buying, selling, & managing cryptocurrencies.

Javvy proposes its crypto solution for users to overcome all barriers to adoption with a regulation-first approach, defining a carefully crafted business infrastructure and multi-tiered risk mitigation policy. The technology framework is then built on that solid foundation. The consumer-facing front-end of the Javvy solution couples, by exclusive integration, a crypto wallet with the world’s first distributed, fully automated, cross-currency exchange. The combination of a properly designed crypto exchange with a safe, intuitive, and feature-rich crypto wallet, and a capable team is what sets the Javvy crypto solution apart.

The Javvy business entity is structured to allow the separation of certain technology components and compliance processes across multiple jurisdictions to allow for a much easier and lower risk registration process for all cryptocurrency customers globally. The Javvy compliance team applies its unique knowledge and experience of the regulatory framework to navigate the quagmire of policies to further simplify the user experience while increasing security and ensuring all relevant regulatory requirements are satisfied.

Mobile users are able to install the Javvy wallet application easily, while desktop users are download the Javvy wallet from the Javvy website and use it anonymously for basic send, receive, and convert operations. The wallet’s front-end user interface is designed with the layperson in mind and includes an integrated registration process for users wishing to buy and sell crypto. For the more advanced operations of buying, selling, and using cryptocurrency in the real-world (e.g. international debit card, sending CASH, etc), further simplicity is achieved by implementing a rule based tailored registration process to require only the documentation needed to meet the regulation criteria of the user’s country of citizenship.

Introducing the JAVVY (JVY) Utility Token.

Ethereum enables the creation of ERC20 tokens, which can be used in an incentive system to replace intermediaries. In the Javvy system, JVY tokens will play a key role in providing a common framework for buying into and selling out of cryptocurrency. Users will buy and sell the Javvy token (JVY), first, and then have the option to hold, sell, or convert it to nearly any other cryptocurrency in existence. For users who choose to buy-and-hold the Javvy token, the price differential provides an opportunity to convert to other cryptocurrencies, at a later date, for less than a real-time transaction directly into a given cryptocurrency would cost. Users who buy and convert immediately should not have any noticeable “price skew” before completion of the conversion.

Token Technology.

Our tokens will be of a standardized ERC20 form, so it can be easily integrated by any other party who wishes to do so. All of this code will be publicly available in our repositories and can be audited by anyone who wishes to do so.

Javvy Token (JVY) Transactions.

A connection with the Ethereum Mainnet will be handled using Parity, which will serve as our Ethereum node. This will ensure that our connection to the network is always synchronized, and transactions can be processed and validated fast and securely. A React and Web3 stack will be used as our front end bridge and interface to monitor all events in real-time.