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DARFchain (stands for Distributed Accounting, Resources and Financials) is an open-source Ethereum & Waves blockchain based ERP solution. . Darfchain ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 07/12/17 – 07/02/18

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web site Darfchain
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About Darfchain ICO (token sale)

DARF Chain is the robust state of the art technology integrated solution for business planning, resource management, accounting and analysis resources. It is implemented on the modern and the most promising blockchain software platform and utilizes the semantic constructor of Smart-contracts to allow  projects and communities financing and development.

The mission of the DARFChain is the development of the ecosystem of the Tokenomics.

Project Objectives:

Step 1. Create an ERP system for ICO investors and entrepreneurs using blockchain as a transport medium and an unchanged storage environment to ensure transparency of ICO projects and automatic generation of analytical reports on all the investor / consumer parameters of the issuer’s specific token.

Step 2. Based on the created system and other ERP-systems, to develop and develop elements of the ecosystem of the tokenomics – built-in ERP distributed through both multicurrency and multi-token accounting, as well as a token trading platform equipped with AI bots that optimize trade transactions, Including those involving other tokens traded on exchanges.

Solved problems: The development of tokenomics will require accounting of all transactions not only in the form of a general ledger, as in purses, but also in the sections of analytical accounting, generation of tax reporting, multidimensional OLAP analysis. At the same time, the very possibilities of blockchain technology – distributed accounting, the unchangeability of data in the blockchain, the rapid release of tokens, the possibility of direct settlements in them-create new business opportunities that are transparent to partners, investors and customers. Issue and exchange of tokens allow to solve questions of financing of projects with minimization of attraction of “bank” money (ie expressed in currencies of various countries) money resources.

Thus, our project of the distributed ERP-system DARFChain will help not only solve the problem of transparency of ICO processes and post-ICO projects, but also lay the foundations of the digital economy ecosystem – “tokenomics.”