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The Praetorian Group’s PAX token is a totally unique cryptocurrency because it is backed by real assets. PAX will be cryptocurrency’s first sound money cryptocurrency.. The Praetorian Group ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/12/17 – 01/01/18

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web site The Praetorian Group
web site The Praetorian Group
web site The Praetorian Group
web site The Praetorian Group
web site The Praetorian Group

About The Praetorian Group ICO (token sale)

Imagine owning a cryptocurrency that translates into and allows you to hold a percentage of the New York real estate market which is the hottest market in the world. Furthermore, imagine being able to change people’s lives through your participation in Praetorian Group’s vision.

Praetorian is currently a two-phase business model that will utilize a number of blockchain opportunities as the company grows through its projected milestones.

Phase 1- The acquisition of New York residential real estate properties funded by our Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”). The Praetorian Group’s vision is to invest in lower income areas that are set to increase in value, infuse cryptocurrency into these areas and to fund “Outreach Programs” to enrich the quality of life for the residents in Praetorian Group owned properties.

Phase 2– Creation of the “PAX” Cyrptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet that will enable users to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world by utilizing their smartphone or a universal PAX debit card. This Asset Wallet and debit card will be the next step in our ecosystem and community based around the PAX Token.

The PAX Universal Debit/Credit card works very simply and is quite easy to understand. The user swipes their PAX card through the merchant’s credit/debit card machine port or computer system. Instantly through a number of new and existing technologies we have at our disposal, a network router will send an invoice in fiat money to the Praetorian server. Next the PAX user will receive an electronic invoice on in their wallet. The users will choose their desired crypto currency and simply pay their invoice and receive rewards for this purchase in the form of PAX tokens, which will be purchased on the open market by Praetorian.

Furthermore, the PAX cardholder enjoys low and even no fees for the using their debit card. This is possible because Praetorian is paid by the merchant’s bank or the issuing portion of the transaction. In any debit or credit card transaction today there are two components, the acquirer and the issuer. Praetorian, working with other entities is on the issuing side of the transaction. The acquiring entity is an entity like a bank that searches for merchants to accept the transaction at the point of sale. For example once a sale is made for $100 USD, the bank merchant must pay a small fee which in many cases is 3% of the purchase. The merchant will get $97 and the acquiring bank will take $3. Now that $3 is split between the Acquiring bank and the Issuer, Visa or Master Card and Praetorian. With this traditional system, the customer does not pay anything, but the merchant that pays all fees. This works all over the world. The only other fee is if not using USD or Euros; Praetorian cannot control an interchange fee at this time as this fee is an international fee.