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ICO Elpis Investments

Elpis Investments

PRE ICO Dates : 01/01/18 – 01/03/18
Active ICO : 02/03/18 – 30/04/18

Elpis is a cutting-edge hybrid investment management company that brings together digital and investment fund expertise with the fresh, game-changing approach of a start-up.

The first AI crypto-assets investment fund

The Third wave of investing 
We are creating an AI-based investment system that provides the investors with strategies tailored to their needs and goals with total transparency. We use technology with a clear purpose: maximize profits, minimizing risks and costs.

Our trading strategies are already available on traditional assets (futures) and will be operative soon both in the stock market and in the crypto market, thanks to the ICO Fundraising, making us the first Artificial Intelligence crypto-assets investment fund.

How Elpis works.

The asset management market needs a revolution!

We will offer to high net worth institutions and individuals a better instrument to keep and multiply their money, and we will implement our technologies into the market of crypto-currencies, allowing everyone to make money like professionals.

Investors during the ICO will directly invest in the entity in UK, the company responsible for managing and moving the digital assets. After the ICO, we will accept Assets from Professional and Institutional Investors as clients.

Elpis will directly manage through Artificial Intelligence the Assets deposited and profits generated will go back to the investors in terms of value and dividend and to Elpis in terms of performance fees.

One platform to follow your investments.

Our objective is to build a fund, able to manage both assets and digital assets through Artificial Intelligence, thereby creating a balanced portfolio based on the risk approach of our clients. Our clients will be able to follow their investments, their portfolio and profits every day.

Through the dashboard our clients will have direct access to their account info at any time: you will always know where your money is.

Technology doesn’t have to complicate things, but it has to ease them.

Crypto-equity ICO Fundraising

The crypto-equity ICO crowdfunding is a way to invest directly in our company: a real investment token with real value. The token sale is regulated under the Laws of England and Wales, taking advantage of the benefits that laws in UK offers.

The Pre-Sale ICO will continue until all tokens are all sold if there is low demand or until February 1st. The sale period will start from February 2nd, 2018 until tokens are all purchased. Otherwise, the end of the sale will be March 30, 2018.