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ICO Elpis Investments

Elpis Investments

Upcoming ICO : 06/08/18 – 06/09/18

Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading technology

Elpis was conceived and developed by a group of nance experts focused on building an innovative and sustainable business that has roots in proven and trusted nancial products.
Elpis is possible because new forms of economies sustained by disruptive innovation create an opportunity to fund projects that bring about new wealth and intellectual challenges that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Without this new exciting environment, it would be nearly impossible to build the first of its kind hybrid investment fund in our tightly regulated financial markets. The Finance industry is controlled by institutions with the power to move large amounts of capital and with good brand recognition that in turn lowers clients’ perception of investment risk. Therefore this market is characterized by high barriers to entry, strict regulations and capital requirements, that slowsdown innovative projects despite their potential to create more efficient ways to manage funds and generate great returns on savings for everyone.

Finance more than any industry requires renewed openness and transparency, fairness and trust. Leveraging new technologies is not only an opportunity but a moral choice if we agree that the goal of financial products is to bring returns to investors, rather than keep enabling an unfair and uncontested control of financial institutions.

The solution to a well known problem

The mission of Elpis is to grow together with visionary investors who believe in the opportunities created by innovative and new investing strategies. Innovation, transparency, real time responses to market changes, and above all fairness are Elpis’s driving principles.

In the nance industry, human error still remains the main cause for large losses of wealth, and for this reason Elpis’s goal is to use technology innovation to limit the cost of wrong investment decisions that are largely driven by old-school human-based investment practices. Elpis has the power to analyze a remarkable amount of real time data to instantaneously and unemotionally implement investment strategies.

After the closing of the ICO, Elpis will build a unique hybrid investment fund that uses a proprietary AI-based system to effectively anticipate market moves when executing investment strategies both in assets and in cryptocurrencies. It brings to investors a unique way of participating in wealth opportunities that new markets and economies offer, without the obligation to be a subject matter expert. Mathematical algorithms constantly work 24/7 to lower the risk and keep the best tradeoff with rewards, in a completely automated technology-driven trading tech that executes tailored, transparent and efficient investment strategies.