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Our project combines two innovative technologies – VR, using the unique full immersion technology for character management and Blockchain, used to control the ratings.. VR Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/11/17 – 10/11/17

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About VR Coin ICO (token sale)

We believe that VRCOIN ICO henceforth referred as VRT, is the future of the world of entertainment in the cybersport industries.

VR leads intellectual industry development on the whole, especially with computer games. Using this technology, we have learned to “port” the players into computer game characters, which allows us to create emotional connections with the product. Our project brings together two innovations: VR with the use of unique technologies of full immersion; and Blockchain, which is used to control rankings and achievements, as well as to organise and manage cybersport tournaments and the general ecosystem within the Project. We believe that this synergy will help us create an a truly unique product designed both for professional players and for casual users alike.

Our​​product In 2015 we started to develop the technology which allows to immediately port all the movements of a person into VR, using special mocap cameras and the system of active markers each of which lights in IR frequencies. After 2 years of continuous work we achieved outstanding results and learned how to port teams of people into VR simultaneously. With this each of them sees the movements of their teammates and can interact with them.

Our technological solution is a breakthrough in the VR games industry. We have not just a pilot model but a working product with absolutely new level of game interaction of users inside our ecosystem. In September we are launching our first VR-Park in Moscow, which is designed to for groups of four people to play simultaneously. This location will be the first in a new generation of VR-Parks, all of which will be connected with each other by a united infrastructure based on blockchain technology. Fundraising​​goals Fundraising and tokens issue will help to finance the marketing campaign, opening new parks, developing a new content and also the design of cybersport organization with own streaming platform based on VR.