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PROSUME is a blockchain-based platform that will permit users to exchange different energy sources, promoting and accelerating new energy community models.. Prosume Energy ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 28/11/17 – 25/12/17

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web site Prosume Energy
web site Prosume Energy
web site Prosume Energy
web site Prosume Energy
web site Prosume Energy
web site Prosume Energy

About Prosume Energy ICO (token sale)


Foundation’s Project is aimed to develop a blockchain-based Platform to allow users to buy and sell electricity and gas from renewable and fossil energy sources using smart contracts.

The Platform will deal with many of current issues related to energy sector, like support for regulation frameworks, fair policy pricing and new business models and opportunities.

The Platform aims to be the most reliable energy community dealing with the real Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCE) and b.u.t. (thermal), in order to buy and sell energy with an approach based on:

  • sustainability
  • transparency
  • traceability
  • accessibility
  • deregulation
  • decentralization
  • digitization
  • decarbonization
  • flexibility

In particular, the Platform will:

  • connect electricity producers (the “Producers”) and consumers (the “Consumers”) to trade and exchange energy in a decentralized on-line market, combining an energy trading platform to a monitoring system;
  • provide a decentralized, autonomous, independent and digitized smart marketplace, allowing the trade of different energy sources, as well as promoting and accelerating decarbonization actions;
  • maximize the efficiency of fossil fuels, minimizing their impact on our environment.

Communities, grid-operators, utility companies and energy services companies’ (the “Operators”) will administer their own local energy platforms using a permissioned blockchain, that can be linked to federated zones.

PEF Tokens will enable Producers and Consumers (collectively, the “Prosumers”) to buy electricity and gas assets delivered by various sources and providers through the Platform.

The development of the Project and of the Platform will be supported by the Token Generation Event.



The Project aims to empower:

  • Consumers’ flexibility to choose power sources;
  • small independent Producers (better price and bigger market segment);
  • utilities with new market opportunities (utilities can serve a niche market);
  • Prosumers ICO (individual Producers can sell their extra energy at the best price to other Prosumers);
  • reduction of grid maintenance costs (physical traceability and implement forecasted production of intermittent renewable energy sources);
  • local community storage (the Platform makes it more convenient to store energy in a shared neighbourhood battery system;
  • trustworthy deals through smart contracts;
  • local energy communities (the Platform promotes local energy community development policies).

Furthermore the Project aspires to:

  • educate Consumers (traceability of the energy sources);
  • provide safer and reliable payment method;
  • deregulate through market demand;
  • digitize of energy assets;
  • promote environment vs fossil mix policy approach;
  • reduce and preserving fossil fuels.