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Sharpe Capital is a blockchain startup, crowdsourcing the world?s best asset sentiment via the Ethereum blockchain.. Sharpe Capital ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 06/11/17 – 11/12/17

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web site Sharpe Capital
web site Sharpe Capital
web site Sharpe Capital
web site Sharpe Capital
web site Sharpe Capital
web site Sharpe Capital

About Sharpe Capital ICO (token sale)

The Sharpe Capital Investment Platform brings together a multitude of novel innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence. Principally, we are issuing Sharpe Platform Tokens (SHP). SHP provides a proof-of-stake that permits platform participants to earn service fees in ETH in exchange for providing sentiment toward global equities and blockchain assets through our web and mobile platforms.

Users are rewarded with service fees in proportion to the accuracy of the sentiment they provide, utilising a proof-of-reputation mechanism. The sentiment data collected is complemented with an array of natural language processing (NLP) strategies for performing linguistic analysis, including automated sentiment, emotional response, and contextual frame analysis. These novel approaches to understanding market dynamics, both in equity markets and blockchain assets, have been developed in collaboration with scientists at leading academic institutions. Together, these data provide a valuable source of insight for hedge funds, asset managers and private participants, and therefore a valuable revenue stream through the sale of these insights.

Sharpe Capital has developed a proprietary, automated quantitative trading algorithm driven by a hybrid machine learning and artificial intelligence model, bringing together microeconomic fundamentals, macroeconomic data, real-time world events, crowd-sourced market sentiment and NLP-driven linguistic analysis, into an overarching model capable of managing a robust, high alpha portfolio across various asset classes.

Sharpe Capital ICO will operate a proprietary investment fund operating much like an automated enhanced index fund to further generate revenue to support the SHP community economy. The proof-of-stake metric allows us to infer the level of confidence that platform participants have in the sentiment they provide, which, when coupled with an immutable proof-of-reputation stored on the Ethereum blockchain, permits weighting of sentiment to determine both the size of service fees paid to each user, and the level of confidence to place upon each sentiment indication received. Through direct crowd-sourcing of participant sentiment, we can ensure our automated models continue to capture human, affect-driven & cognitive processes, in addition to microeconomic fundamentalist and linguistic analysis based asset value forecasting. This is unlike a prediction market – there are no losses for incorrect predictions, merely a reduction in the user’s immutable reputation score, and consequently, the size of future payments. Likewise, consistently accurate users will increase their reputation, earning larger and larger payments in exchange for their insight.

SHP also provides a mechanism for hedge funds and institutional participants to access our proprietary models, acting as a usage fee. Utilising blockchain technology serves two additional purposes for Sharpe Capital: to create a decentralised, ‘trustless’ immutable trade ledger, such that any individual can view all our previous trades and fund performance with absolute confidence. This eliminates any dependency on trust for fund disbursement, and any possibility of fund manipulation at an institutional or individual level; to permit unrivalled community governance using both consensus-based and democratic vote-based governance models enabling the community of SHP owners to determine the direction of Sharpe Capital’s future. The Sharpe Financial Markets Protocol aims to describe a new gold standard for hedge fund management, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a low barrier to entry, continuous liquidity, anti-corruption protections, international access and optimal risk-adjusted returns. Our longer term goal, therefore, is to develop the Sharpe Crypto-Derivative (SCD) token, subject to necessary approvals. This first in class token creates the foundations for a solid link between blockchain assets and the global economy, and will ultimately provide possible payment of dividends to participants. Through our community governance structure, in which SHP holders have the right to table and vote on motions which guide the direction of Sharpe Capital, we ultimately aim to deliver a suite of investment products with various risk profiles and across multiple asset classes, including blockchain assets.

The timeline for SCD issuance is Q1 2019. An independent crowd-sale will be held for the issuance of SCD tokens, from which 100% of the proceeds will be directly invested using our proprietary trading technology. In light of the many corrupt or ethically questionable practices in the industry, leading to disasters such as the collapse of Barings bank and the $2bn loss by UBS due to a single rogue trader, we are making the technology underpinning our Financial Markets Protocol freely available for any corporation or fund to use internationally.

The SHP pre-sale begins on November 6th 2017 at 14:00, and the crowd-sale begins on November 13th 2017 at 14:00 UTC, with a maximum raise of $20MM equivalent in ETH. SHP provides platform participants with the right to earn ETH service fees for their market insight across many asset classes, in proportion to the amount of SHP held. SHP enables the community to vote on the creation of new funds, the development of new products, and on changes to other aspects such as service fees paid and capital allocation. SHP will be continuously liquid, directly convertible to ETH without the requirement of a counter-party.