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Tokenza is a blockchain-based fundraising and freelancing platform. We help people fund creative ideas and bring new inspiring projects to life.. Tokenza ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 01/01/17 – 31/01/17

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web site Tokenza
web site Tokenza
web site Tokenza
web site Tokenza
web site Tokenza

About Tokenza ICO (token sale)

We present the design of a new decentralized fundraising and freelancing network, called Tokenza, where participants don’t need to trust each other or third parties to raise funds or get paid for delivering services. We introduce a new token, called TKZ, and we present its role, technical properties and functions within the network. We also present the Tokenza platform and its inherent components. The Tokenza network relies on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to process transactions between participants. The Tokenza platform should gives comparable performance to centralized fundraising and freelancing platforms while enabling more security and reliability.


The main goal of Tokenza (“The Company”) is to help people bring innovative projects to life, raise funds to develop these projects, and hire Freelancers to deliver related work and services. In this section, we present the Tokenza ecosystem and the TKZ token.


The Tokenza ecosystem consists of The Tokenza Decentralized Network (“TDN”), which is a decentralized network of participants, and the Tokenza Platform, which is semi-decentralized and available on Tokenza.com and its subdomains.

The​ ​Tokenza​ ​Platform

To avoid any confusion, Tokenza.com (“The Platform”) can be seen as an online user interface like MyEtherWallet.com, but with specific features designed for user management, project management, fundraising and freelancing. For now, The Platform is closed-source and managed by Tokenza (The Company). In the future, The Platform may be fully-decentralized and released as an open-source project.

The​ ​Tokenza​ ​Decentralized​ ​Network

The Tokenza Decentralized Network is an abstraction layer built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a network of distributed smart contracts operating user wallets and custom features related to the Tokenza ecosystem. Smart contracts and other developments related to TDN will be released as open-source. Transactions made on TDN are secure, auditable and publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.