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All-in-one mobile platform utilizing blockchain and the PSD2 EU directive.

The idea of the Money Rebel (MR) Platform and the accompanying all-in-one mobile app was conceived by our founders. They have extensive experience in financial services and the banking industry, as well as in the crypto world. They are on a mission to help people change their financial lives and functionally connect two worlds – fiat and crypto. Because the blockchain technology is disrupting the financial industry, they decided to spin off the financial services platform they are using to manage their clients’ money and so they founded Money Rebel in 2015. From then on, their mission is to help people change their financial lives. They were soon invited to join the ABC Accelerator program, where they met with startups and investors from the crypto world and decided to build the MR Platform to connect the fiat and crypto financial worlds. But – technology alone is not enough. Even if you use a hundred mobile banking, budget tracker, and brokerage apps, nothing will change because most user do not have neither the knowledge, nor the tools needed to manage the money. Most of them need guidance, and the MR Platform will meet all your financial service needs, and be the only financial companion you will ever need. 24/7 availability on your smart phone or your tablet, no pushy salesmen selling financial products you do not need. Just guidance by real experts to help you manage your own money. Fiat and crypto world, connected. With the PSD2 in place, you will have access to all your accounts managed through the MR Platform on your smartphone. Right from the beginning, you will be able to transfer Euros from your bank account to your broker or crypto exchange, and buy Bitcoins, without ever having to open any other app. You will have a constant overview of all your assets in a portfolio and guidance from human and robo advisers. The Money Rebel platform will be constructed as a range of independent products, divided into modules, within the same app. They will be connected and synchronized so you will be able to receive, transfer, grow and manage your assets with a single REBELlious app.

The MR Platform would be a challenging project for every team. We all see many projects with big promises, but often little actual expertise. This project is not one of them. We have already been doing all the things that are described in this whitepaper. We are using existing technologies to help our clients manage their money, and they already see the problem and the need for such a platform in everyday life. We are highly experienced in the financial service industry, wealth management, financial planning and coaching, as well as in building mobile applications, crypto trading and setting up new companies, leading them towards substantial profits.