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Remechain is an open Buyer-Supplier ecosystem, available for all participants of the global secondary metal market. . Remechain ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 09/09/17 – 11/01/18
Ended ICO : 25/01/18 – 25/02/18

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web site Remechain
web site Remechain
web site Remechain
web site Remechain
web site Remechain
web site Remechain

About Remechain ICO (token sale)

Remechain is an open Buyer-Supplier ecosystem, available for all participants of the global secondary metal market. Platform is built on the transparent transaction conditions and fast providing of the unified information and reporting. Remechain reduces costs on all stages of working with a secondary metals for a fast, efficient and safe interaction without intermediaries. By decreasing the number of intermediaries and transactions and extending the usage of secondary metals Remechain helps to reduce the harmful effect of mining industry on the ecology of the planet.

Remechain Solution

Remechain drastically changes the rules of the game in the secondary metals market. The new exchange makes the work of counterparties completely transparent, eliminates bureaucracy, chaos, and inefficiency. We remove an interlayer from the numerous shadow intermediaries between buyers and sellers, reducing the monetary and infrastructure costs of companies. We create clear and civilized rules of the game. Rejections, fraud, etc. are excluded. , placing in equal conditions all market participants. The decisive competitive advantages are the quality of the work, the name on the market, and customer feedback. Remechain creates a stock exchange of secondary metal scrap. The blocking solution allows you to make the process of entering the market transparent and the same for everyone.

Opponents of the distribution platform

Despite the fact that most market participants benefit from the creation of a decentralized exchange of secondary metals, there are players who will oppose this decision, as it will shake their business. We are talking about shadow players who earn on intermediation, taking advantage of the market closeness, problems with entering it and not knowing the sellers and buyers about counterparties. The second group of players, which will sharply lose in income – scammers, who make money to deceive customers. The use of smart contracts excludes the possibility of forgery and nonpayment for the scrap received.

The business strategy of the Remechain platform provides customers with a fundamentally new way of interaction. The main distinguishing features:

Search for a counterparty

The platform offers the user to select a counterparty independently from the existing list, examine the terms of the transaction, analyze the various delivery options and accept it in a few mouse clicks. Remechain in the calculations of the optimal transaction reduces private standards to a unified methodology for assessing the quality of scrap. Common to all the standard of procurement. The platform takes into account the geographical location of the buyer when calculating the optimal transaction. Carries out planning and contracting of delivery due to integration with the logistics block-services.

Costs reduction

The Remechain platform dramatically reduces the costs for both buyers and sellers of scrap. a. Open data on each market participant + existing user feedback, reduce the cost of analyzing the counterparty before each transaction b. Reduction of errors associated with the human factor, when the manager may be just too lazy to call counterparts and calculate alternative logistics channels c. Optimization of the number of personnel engaged in buying/selling secondary metal d. Reducing the cost of telephone calls and office expenses e. Reduction of costs for legal services (including by reducing lawsuits) f. Reduction of the delivery time of metal to the buyer’s warehouse

Fraud prevention

Remechain eliminates the risk of fraud by conducting transactions through smart contracts. The platform deposits funds from the buyer and makes payments to the seller automatically when the parties fulfill their obligations. In the event of default by the seller, the funds are returned to the buyer. In each smart contract, there is an opportunity to individually register any parameters of the transaction. For example price, delivery time, scrap quality, etc.

Access to the market of small participants

Remechain makes it easy for new entrants to enter the market, making it simple and not cost-effective. There is no longer a marketing budget, time for networking + the necessary time lag for the emergence of trust in a new market participant. With the Remechain platform, the entrance to the global scrap market is reduced to registering on the platform and filling out the membership card.

Project development and further scalability

The creation of a decentralized exchange of secondary metal scrap is the first step towards an even larger stock exchange that will aggregate supply and demand in the market for all secondary raw materials used for recycling. For example, we are talking about plastic, glass, scrap of non-ferrous and rare-earth metals.

It is important to note

All tokens that will not be redeemed during the ICO will be destroyed. And more will never be generated additionally. The fixed number of tokens guarantees their buyer an increase in value as the demand for Reмeсhain services increases. The owners of the tokens will be able to pay for them both inside the platform and freely withdraw + exchange them for Fiat + other crypto-currencies on the exchanges.