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Gaze Coin is the solution for advertisers, content makers and audiences in VR/AR.. Gaze Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 28/11/17 – 05/12/17

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web site Gaze Coin
web site Gaze Coin
web site Gaze Coin
web site Gaze Coin
web site Gaze Coin

About Gaze Coin ICO (token sale)

Gaze Coin fixes the main problem with monetizing VR/AR: How do you measure it (and therefore calculate ROI)? Using patent-registered technology, Gaze Coin is the only VR/AR blockchain token (unit of exchange) measured by gaze control/eye tracking. By measuring “gaze”, Gaze Coin creates a model for advertising in VR/AR environments (from short-form experiences and simple digital objects all the way to fully-rendered virtual worlds) at the heart of how mixed reality is created and consumed through the eyes of the beholder. Brands can use eye-tracking in a myriad of ways: to evaluate their packaging designs, advertising, and online shopping behavior, in order to optimize the customer experience. Metrics include engagement (number of fixations, dwell time, % of time in an area), ease of processing (fixation duration), findability (time to first fixation and number of fixations prior to first fixation), order of processing (gaze path), comprehension (repeat fixations) and excitement (pupil dilation). All of those analytics metrics are built into the Gaze Coin development roadmap.


  1. Immutable (once a transaction is recorded, cannot be changed – only updated with another transaction; record visible to all stakeholders)
  2. Measurable (specific and quantitatively verifiable)
  3. Validates Engagement (stakeholders have visibility into exactly what assets users are engaging with, interacting with, viewing, etc.)
  4. Customizable, Expandable (content creators/owners can mint their own token)
  5. Useful for all things VR/AR (token has a wide variety of uses and can measure content, objects, spaces, avatars and more)
  6. Non-Disruptive (operates seamlessly in the background without programming intervention)
  7. Scalable (distributed and decentralized using Ethereum and later scalable through Plasma. The blockchain will be able to scale alongside the metaverse.)

What is Gaze Control?

Gaze control is a tool used by VR and AR creators allowing audiences to trigger content by looking in the direction of the content (oftentimes cued by spatial audio). This ensures the content launches only when a user is ready to experience it, similar to a user “clicking through” on traditional web/ mobile media. Empowered to engage in their own time according to their true interests, gaze control gives audiences agency while immersed.

Gaze Coin API Can Be Used Anywhere

The Gaze Coin API and wallet allow gaze to be measured and monetized in any VR or AR content (experiences, environments, worlds). Further, all stakeholders (content owners, advertisers, users) are incentivized to integrate the Gaze Coin API into content that they are either creating or recommending.