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Rhovit the Rbit Token

There was a blockchain event a few months ago. The company that was presenting was attempting to use the technology to solve the problem of rights and ownership in a decentralized manner. It’s a noble cause and the idea sparked rather fervent discussion. But there was one question from an audience member that stood out amongst the rest. He was a writer and wanted to know what good ownership of content was if you couldn’t get people to pay for it anymore? This is one of the question that RHOVIT answers.

RHOVIT was created in 2012 by filmmakers who wanted to fix the system. Not just for film, but music, books, games…for all creators. The idea was to give artists all the power of a major platform but the freedom and profit of their own site. It was a better system but it wasn’t complete. In 2014 we sidelined the project. So why are we bringing it back now? Because of technology like Ethereum and the ability to complete what we started.

The problem with content monetization is not singular. High platform fees, transaction fees, middlemen, skipped ads, ad blockers, low cpms, piracy, audience reach, expectations of free…it is all of these. Blockchain and the creation of a token by themselves are not a cure all. But when used as the backbone and fuel of a fully realized circular system that feeds and regenerates itself, they are the technology that will disrupt an entire industry.

RHOVIT ICO  has used them by creating a value layer where there was none. Imagine if all the actions a User took on a platform…renting a movie, reading a book, watching an ad…were drops of water. Now imagine all those drops collected in a trough. Right now on platforms that water sits until it evaporates into nothing. RHOVIT dumps it over a water wheel, powering an engine that creates value for Users and Providers in the form of Rbit Tokens. It is the creation of value from waste that is the key to solving the writers problem and the problems faced by millions of other content creators big and small. RHOVIT is an earn and spend circular economy that creates and spreads value to it’s entire community.