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Ended ICO : 15/11/17 – 15/01/18

SyncFab token sale blockchain smart contracts for manufacturers and supply chain.

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Syncfab revolutionizes the manufacturing supply chain by connecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers through blockchain

Hardware Innovator

Eliminate intermediaries and brokers to lower cost and increase your revenue. We directly connect you to hardware manufacturers and provide effortless production tracking.

Hardware Manufacturer

Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility. SyncFab guarantees payments through our smart contracts and give you full control of your pricing & capabilities.

MFG Token Powered Supply Chain

The MFG Token is a utility token used to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain

Use MFG to create a unique bid auction to incentivize manufacturers for faster and better priced quotes

MFG loyalty rewards can be offered for consistent reorders

Buyers are qualified through an upfront MFG token commitment

Manufacturers can provide discounts on the quoted price with MFG tokens

MFG Token Benefits

Benefits to Buyers

  • Cheaper and high quality quotes from the source
  • On-demand purchasing, tracking, & reordering
  • Connect with a network of local vetted manufacturers
  • Secure transactions and communications through smart contracts
  • Benefits to Manufacturers
  • Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility
  • Guaranteed payments through smart contracts
  • Complete control of your pricing & capabilities
  • Less headaches of overhead and processes to focus on producing the best quality products