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Ethereum-based platform which connects electric vehicle drivers to a network of private and commercial charge station owners. . Charg Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 15/11/17 – 31/12/17

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web site Charg Coin
web site Charg Coin
web site Charg Coin
web site Charg Coin

About Charg Coin ICO (token sale)

Charg solves a problem all electric vehicles have in common: finding a charging station reliably, anywhere in the world, anytime a recharge is needed.  By connecting Charg Station owners with drivers, no environmentally conscious driver ever needs to worry about running out of power again.  That’s because anyone in the world who joins the Charg network can lease their parking and electricity to everyone on the Charg network.  By leasing any parking space to the tens of millions of electric cars which will soon be on the roads, anyone can be their own boss.

Charg – The Charg platform is composed of the Charg Coin App for mobile users, the Charg Coin Wallet, the Charg Coin node for Charg Stations, and a compilation of Ethereum/Hyperledger smart contracts which connect all of of these elements together into one entity.  The terms Charg and Charg Coin are somewhat interchangeable, similar to how Ethereum is the same word for their platform and the denomination of the currency utilized by that platform.

​Charg Coin network– A private collection of charging stations, or Charg Stations (see below), which is only accessible to users of the Charg Coin App.  In addition to the private network of Charg Stations, the Charg Coin App displays over 100,000 public charging stations on an easy to use map.

Charg Coin-  The Charg platform is driven by Charg Coin.  Charg Coin is the vehicle of transaction for the Charg Coin network.  It is a store of value, and it can be traded on the exchanges for other cryptocurrencies.  As such, the Charg Coin is ultimately transferable to fiat currency and can therefore also be classified as a form of currency.  The Charg Coin is the token required to make the Charg smart contracts go.  Without the Charg Coin, nobody would be able to transact on the Charg Coin network.

​Charg Station- A Charg Station is a place where electric vehicles can recharge their cars in exchange for the Charg Coin.  Transactions occur automatically between users of the Charg Coin App and the Charg Station, as facilitated by the Charg Coin Wallet and smart contract technology.

​Charg Coin Wallet- Similar to other crytocurrency wallets, the Charg Coin Wallet permits the storage and transaction of Charg Coins.  It’s like a personal bank and a wallet all rolled into one piece of software.  The Charg Coin wallet is unique in that it permits transactions to occur between electric vehicle drivers and Charg Stations.

​Charg Station Node- The Charg Station node is a computer which enables Charg Stations to come online.  Any computer which is always online can be turned into a node, but for simplicity Charg Coin recommends the Onion Omega2+ pre-loaded with our proprietary software, available in our store for only $18.00.  The Charg Station Node facilitates communication and transactions between electric vehicle drivers and Charg Stations utilizing smart contract technology.  It turns a smart switch on automatically when electric vehicle drivers send their Charg Coin to a Charg Station.

​Smart Switch/Plug- Smart switches and a smart plugs are wifi-enabled electrical switches and electrical outlets.  A smart switch is just like a standard light switch except that it can be controlled over wifi.  A smart plug is just like a regular wall outlet except that it can be controlled by wifi.  In the case of Charg Stations, the smart switch/plug is used to turn electricity on and off automatically without the need for human intervention whenever the Charg Station Node receives funds from an electric vehicle driver who wants to recharge.

​Charg Coin App- A mobile app intended primarily for electric vehicle drivers.  In addition to locating the already-existing public network of over 100,000 charging stations worldwide, the Charg Coin App helps electric vehicle drivers locate a private network of Charg Stations accessible only to users of Charg Coin and the Charg Coin App.  All stations are viewed on a beautifully laid-out map within the Charg Coin App.