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Ended ICO : 15/01/18 – 15/02/18

Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) powers the Pangea Jurisdiction

The Pangea Software is a Decentralized Opt-In Jurisdiction where Citizens can conduct peer-to-peer arbitration and create Nations. Pangea uses the Panthalassa mesh, which is built using Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) protocols. This enables Pangea to be highly resilient and secure, conferring resistance to emergent threats such as highperformance quantum cryptography. Pangea is blockchain agnostic, but uses the Ethereum blockchain for the time being. In the future, other chains such as Bitcoin, EOS and Tezos can be integrated with Pangea.

The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) is an ERC20 compatible in-app token for the Pangea Jurisdiction. The PAT token rewards good reputation, and is issued on Pangea when Citizens accumulate non-tradable reputation tokens through creating a contract, successfully completing a contract or resolving a dispute attached to a contract. PAT is an algorithmic reputation token; an arbitration currency based on performance, rather than purchasing power, popularity, or attention.

The distribution mechanism for PAT tokens on Pangea is an autonomous agent, Lucy, which will initially launch on Ethereum as a smart contract. This mechanism is blockchain agnostic and can be ported to any viable smart contract platform. An oracle created by Bitnation will help to facilitate this (semi) autonomous distribution mechanism in a decentralized and secure fashion.

Bitnation is the proof-of-concept Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). We are an open source movement, and anyone can build their own DBVN on Bitnation Genesis, and already over 200 new Nations have been registered. We have over 100 Embassies, and Consulates, and over 10,000 Citizens on all five continents, a dynamic community of 2000 contributors on our Slack channel. We offer a range of services in-house or in partnership with other providers.