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The VVToken provides a financial solution that allows people to work in both fiat and cryptocurrency from the same platform. . VVtokens ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 05/12/17 – 05/01/18

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web site VVtokens
web site VVtokens
web site VVtokens
web site VVtokens

About VVtokens ICO (token sale)

VVTokens (VV), the company that created an financial solution designed to provide a broad spectrum of services to a diverse array of international users, today announced it will open an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on December 5, 2017 at 12:00pm EDT to fund the final development and launch of its new blockchain consumer finance platform, CyberBank.

VVTokens will initially introduce two CyberBank and C*Commerce technology-based products that will revolutionize electronic connectivity between fiat coins, cyber-currencies and service purchases by delivering bonuses to our users. VVTokens aims to raise up to USD$22 million in a token sale to deploy a platform offering payment security and mobile affordability that utilizes the security and reliability of the blockchain while delivering financial appreciation to the cardholder. For detailed information on VVTokens’ ICO, visit www.VVTokens.com. VVTokens will offer the CyberBank™ Platinum Debit Card, a prepaid debit card targeted to low to-middle income users. This card will offer low-threshold access to several financial services to individuals who are typically unable or unwilling to obtain a bank account.

Concurrently, VVTokens will introduce the CyberBank Black Card, a feature-rich card offering numerous benefits to well-qualified individuals who are seeking an elegant means to capitalize upon the features and flexibility of combining cryptocurrency and fiat currency in a single financial platform. The CyberBank Black Card is designed to be one of the most coveted cards available, and will be targeted to high-net-worth individuals around the globe. Offering more premium rewards than many other cards, it will enable holders to smoothly switch currencies using a VVToken blockchain called VVChain.

VVTokens will use the ICO funds to fund the final development and launch of its new blockchain consumer finance platform, CyberBank. The goal is to raise $22m USD equivalent in ETH for selling 1,500,000,000 VVTokens; this will determine the exchange rate, which will be set immediately before deploying the contract. Following the ICO, the value of VVTokens to ETH will float according to the market. There is no plan to have a follow-on offering. Crowdsale purchased VVTokens will be transferable once the ICO closes.