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PRE ICO Dates : 20/11/17 – 15/12/17
Ended ICO : 01/01/18 – 30/01/18

Using LydianCoin, these ventures can reach beyond the known universe of existing crypto-investors and identify and engage new, specifically targeted investors and customers.

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The Lydian token (LDN) will be issued by LydianCoin SG, an indirect Singaporean subsidiary of Gravity4, Inc., a Delaware corporation. Gravity4, Inc. is the direct or indirect parent of approximately 43 subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australian, Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, Singapore, Jersey, China, Malaysia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Colombia (Gravity4, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, the “Gravity4 Corporate Family”). The Lydian token will enable cryptocurrency purchases of targeted, A.I.-driven digital marketing and advertising services already offered by the Gravity4 Corporate Family and used by a number of Fortune 1000 companies and luxury brands worldwide.

Lydian tokens will allow crypto-centric businesses to expand their marketing reach, engage and educate a targeted audience, and grow their customer base. Lydian token users will have exclusive access to data sets optimized to reach crypto-community audiences, data sets not available to Gravity4 Corporate Family Customers paying in fiat currencies. Lydian token holders will also have exclusive access to products currently under development, including MonaChain, a blockchain driven anti-ad fraud system, and MonaBrowse, ad-free internet surfing without the hassle of changing browsers or surfing behavior.