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Freelancercoin is an online freelancing platform, which provides an innovative approach for freelancers and clients to safely and securely work together. . Freelancercoin ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 30/11/17 – 27/12/17
Ended ICO : 29/12/17 – 31/03/18

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web site Freelancercoin
web site Freelancercoin
web site Freelancercoin
web site Freelancercoin
web site Freelancercoin

About Freelancercoin ICO (token sale)

What is FreelancerCoin? Freelancercoin is an online freelancing platform that is built entirely on Ethereum and provides an innovative approach for freelancers and clients to safely and securely work together. Naturally, it allows for standard features that have been used in existing platforms, such as the posting of potential jobs by clients for freelancers to apply to, and the ability to set up smart contracts by which payments are made through our ICO token. However, through the use of Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Freelancecoin aims to achieve several objectives.

‍How does FreelancerCoin work? Freelancercoin operates on the basis of utility tokens (Lancer, or “LAN” for short) which can be used to a pay freelancer. They are going to be implemented as an ERC20-compatible token over the public Ethereum blockchain. Clients will be able to pay their freelancers for successfully completely projects through credit card, PayPal or through cryptocurrency.

‍Why FreelancerCoin is interesting? We want to give people the opportunity to escape from a restrictive and unfulfilling office life. Freelancing affords a level of flexibility and freedom that is unprecedented by modern standards. After all, the ability to freely set your own rate, dictate your schedule and work wherever you want is a luxury that many people take for granted. With that being said, freelancers and clients are looking for platforms which will allow them to experience the freedom and flexibility they desire. We believe that using Blockchain technology in combination with a deep-learning AI system will be the best way to allow both parties to get exactly what they want out of freelancing. Our platform will be both effortless and reliable to use, unlike many others which add unnecessary restrictions and involve high levels of control by authority figures. Anybody without prior understanding of Blockhain and/or Ethereum should be able to successfully understand our platform and effortlessly use it with no difficulties whatsoever.

‍ Token bonuses. There are token bonuses on pre-sale period. What else do investors need to know? The freelancing market is growing at an unprecedented rate all around the world. Just in the United States alone, the total number of freelance workers is approximately 53 million people, who contribute a grand total of $715 billion to the economy. Other countries are experiencing both a rapid growth in the demand for freelancers, along with the number of traditional “9-5” workers who see freelancing as a lucrative alternative to their primary careers. As a result, a freelancer who has complete reliance on a platform for their source of income is now in a situation of financial jeopardy. Having experienced and been in contact with many freelancers who were unfortunate victims in these types of situations, we wanted to create an online freelancing platform that solves every existing problem within the current, centralized platforms that are used by both freelancers and clients.