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BALI Coin is a Ethereum based cryptocurrency created to be used as a mean of payment in the tourism industry.. BALI Coin ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 15/11/17 – 30/11/17
Ended ICO : 01/12/17 – 30/12/17

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web site BALI Coin
web site BALI Coin
web site BALI Coin
web site BALI Coin
web site BALI Coin

About BALI Coin ICO (token sale)

BALI Coin is a cryptocurrency created to be used as a mean of payment in the tourism industry, for example for hotel bookings, ticket reservations, car rentals and other tourism facilities. BALI coin is an open source cryptocurrency, using advanced Ethereum blockchain technology.

With BALI Coin your money will be stored in your personal wallet, strictly confidential and absolutely private. In doing the transaction, money from the sending account will be transfered directly to the recipient, not through any intermediaries.

Bali Coin is based on Ethereum ERC20 platform coin, which has the potential to become the biggest smart contract system in the world for travel and tourism market.
Team BALI Coin confidently innovate this capacity through the enabled BALI coin eco system.

The travel and tourism industry is among the world’s biggest industries. In 2016, it had a global economic contribution (induced, direct, and indirect) of more than $7.6 trillion. The direct economic impact of this industry, including in entertainment, attractions, accommodation, and transportation, was approximately $2.3 trillion.

The travel industry is the second-fastest rising sector internationally. The industry is massive. According to research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), this sector employs more people than mining, automotive manufacturing, and financial services sectors combined globally.

According to general perception of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in the future, tourism continues to grow on a global scale. The number of international visitors is forecasted to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.
The development of information technology has changed the way people interact, including in tourism information sharing, especially the impact of social networking and internet applications, and the increasingly popular mobile phones.

Experiences from countries which has experienced development in tourism industry show that when internet users are increasing, advertising using online payment tools is a way that can not be ignored by the tourism industry.
Our first project plan for tour and travel destination is on Bali, Indonesia, because some of our team members had experiences and network in Bali.

Below is the number of tourist from around the world from 2015 to August 2017 in Bali.