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Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept crypto, credit and debit with existing VISA and Mastercard processing certification. Beluga Pay ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 01/11/17 – 02/01/18
Ended ICO : 02/01/18 – 31/03/18

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web site Beluga Pay
web site Beluga Pay
web site Beluga Pay
web site Beluga Pay
web site Beluga Pay
web site Beluga Pay

About Beluga Pay ICO (token sale)

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer an opportunity to change that. Against a backdrop of rising mobile device adoption (global smartphone user base to increase by ~1.6 billion in the next 3 years), the barrier for people to potentially transact securely, transparently and conveniently has never been lower. BELUGA aims to leverage these new technologies to develop an open source asset transferring platform. By thus providing the tools for small businesses and their customers in developing countries to go digital, it is BELUGA’s mission to help the unbanked billions become part of a newer, better, and fairer global ­financial system. BELUGA will be fully compliant in every jurisdiction it operates in, with strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and AntiMoney Laundering (AML) processes.

Beluga believes the world can be a better place with open and validated payment solutions to connect merchants, consumers in a hybrid crypto and traditional banking environment.

For the past 3 years, Beluga has developed a suite of payment tools:

  • Mobile Point of Sale application for iOS and Android,
  • Restaurant software to manage customers, menus and staff,
  • Peer 2 peer payment technology.

BELUGA Point of Sale, BELUGA Restaurant Edition, BELUGA Peer 2 Peer and BELUGA Payment Data suite platforms will enable transactions in Fiat and Crypto currencies. You can buy or sell your products and services in Fiat and Crypto currencies in Beluga more efficiently than ever before. All of our platforms are made to run on a common BELUGA Blockchain in order to give a unifi­ed experience to merchants and to make their life easier.

The BELUGA Point of Sale (POS) app is currently in private alpha on iOS.

BELUGA offers a food and beverage industry management system for small and medium businesses, all through a tablet thats connected to a local server which frequently updates to the cloud. This lets the business operate even when internet is not optimal.

We plan to open source all our BelugaREST code, enabling business owners to develop solutions that are tailored to their speci­c needs and designs. This will let our merchants process all payments through our Beluga Foundation platforms, helping bring revenues up and costs down for the merchant and consumer.