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Rothscoin is the ecosystem of decentralized applications. . Rothscoin ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 18/12/17 – 28/01/18

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About Rothscoin ICO (token sale)

Rothscoin is the ecosystem of decentralized applications. We specially want to introduce a complex of connect and sharing center, shopping mall, patent, entertainment center, casino, gambling, lottery, charity… called RothsMaza. In RothsMaza, applications communicate and exchange with one another via smart contracts, and payments for transactions are made in Rothscoin (RTC).

Ethereum smart contracts have demonstrated great potential and have achieved certain successes, yet there exists several drawbacks. Ethereum smart contracts can only be applied in the field of cryptocurrency, and theirs languages are only for developers and programmers. This has considerably restricted their popularity as for an ordinary person, understanding the content of a smart contract is a difficult task itself, let alone creating one. Therefore, we have developed Rothscoin ecosystem to apply smart contracts in multiple aspects of life like inheritance rights, patent, author’s right or exchange of digital products. We will develop a user interface for smart contracts to make it a userfriendly application. And we will base on that ground to popularize Rothscoin ecosystem to countries and territories worldwide

As one of the decentralized applications in Rothscoin ecosystem, RothsMaza uses blockchain technology for maximum information security and for a transparent community where members can communicate and exchange opinion on the issues of commerce, patent, inheritance… via smart contracts. With a broad vision, we will build and develop RothsMaza far beyond human knowledge at the moment. To be more specific:

  • RothsMaza is where people can hold online meetings, yet can still keep the discussion in the meeting private with the use of blockchain technology.
  • RothsMaza is where schools, centers of education and training… can open online classes and sell patents on products of the fields mentioned above via smart contracts.
  • As a place full of software developers in the fields of management, importexport… RothsMaza will become the largest blockchain applications buying and selling center all over the world.
  • RothsMaza will cooperate with Governments to realize the application of blockchain in the issues of copyright, author’s rights, ownership and inheritance… RothsMaza aims at establishing itself as a processing center of smart contracts using AI under the recognition of Governments.
  • RothsMaza will become a global commercial center where stores conduct transactions in the mutual currency, Rothscoin and manage their deals using smart contracts. By the year of 2019, RothsMaza will be upgraded. Everything of the real world can be put into virtual reality technology, allowing people to enter a virtual world where they can have the most wonderful experience of meeting one another, buying and selling goods and services or visiting various tourist attractions.