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Ended ICO : 11/12/17 – 15/01/18

Revoutionary platform enabling everyone to create, join and invest in all kind of businesses.

In PopulTrade you can create, join or invest in any kind of business. PT will bring the possibility to access investments to anyone who has an idea for a business. Owners of various companies will be able to invest by simply entering an investment request. Other people, uninvolved in commerce, who just have business ideas, will be able to get capital to fulfill them and turn them into real businesses through the PT groups. PT will be able to create this capital on account of everyday activities, such as purchases of articles, usage of services and successfully executed businesses. The created capital will be managed in a democratic way by members gathered in the PT groups (like you), members who will cooperate in a business transaction and will contribute to its growth and success, will consequently earn on behalf of their work. The PT environment will allow a business to be carried out from the initial idea to the final sale of the product. Depending on the type of investment, you will get a share of the profit that you will be later able to trade on the PT. All processes in PT groups, such as elections of leaders, ratings of members and businesses, voting for the capital allocation, voting for the group rules, etc., will be managed in a democratic way by using smart contracts.

Our goal is to develop a high tech system that enables individuals or groups of individuals to realize ideas and businesses and therefore offer them the environment/infrastructure, where the idea/business will develop from the basic idea to the final product and the sale of this product. The system will enable the accumulation of capital for ideas/businesses through every-day activities of purchases, from commissions derived from using services and business and from the income originated from ideas/businesses inside the system.

Imagine a world where the world wealth is not controlled by only a few people, where you and millions like you are co-owners of millions of businesses, where the capital gets redistributed creating a mid-high class boosting the economy and improving people’s standard of living. Imagine a world where you are rewarded and valued based on your merits and contributions. A world where anyone can easily access capital to realize their ideas or businesses. A world where you are not judged by how old you are or by the color of your skin, religion or ethnicity. A world that is transparent and truly democratic. This world is PopulTrade. PopulTrade will become the biggest platform for people with business ideas. Its main goal will be to redistribute capital and to give interest groups the role of financial institutions.

PopulTrade platform offers the opportunity to create new workplaces and the increase in the living standard for individuals and companies. It will also be a reference point for people with ideas who want their ideas to manifest in reality