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ICO SkyeProperties


Ended ICO : 29/12/17 – 25/01/18

Invest in US real estate and receive regular income.

What is Skye Properties?

Skye Properties is tokenizing US real estate properties and providing regular income from rentals plus fix & flips for digital currency investors.

‍How does  Skye Properties work?

Skye Properties is offering a blind pool, closed-end digital currency offering to invest in an existing mix of a growing US real estate property portfolio, producing regular income in Ether (USD equivalent) from rental income plus fix and flip profits. Skye Properties expects to create wealth for our clients by renewing and repositioning the residential real estate through a value-add strategy and forced appreciation. Through the Skye Properties platform clients will receive regular updates and news as well as been able to track property performance and financial reporting.

‍Why Skye Properties is interesting?

For the first time digital currency investors will have the opportunity (using Skye Properties) to invest in an existing and growing US real estate property portfolio, and on top receive regular rental income through a blind pool, closed-end digital currency offering!

Token bonuses

During the pre-sale of the SKYE token investors will be able to receive a 20% bonus.

The general public sale will give buyers an option of 5% (+50 ETH), 10% (100 ETH) and 15% (+200 ETH) bonuses.

‍What else do investors need to know?

As with any investment there are risks involved and not suitable for everyone. Please read the documentation made available and ask questions. The Skye Properties core team has over 50 years of combined experience in technology, finance and the real estate industry in owning and operating affordable conventional residential properties. We believe this unique offering is the first in the market to provide wealthy digital currency owners the means to invest in a stable real world opportunity that provides regular income.