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CRYO is generated by CryoGen and provides its holders with the access to the current and future services of the company. . CryoGen ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 09/11/17 – 01/02/18
Ended ICO : 01/02/18 – 01/07/18

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web site CryoGen
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About CryoGen ICO (token sale)

The CryoGen project, as described herein, has the objective of improving and maintaining the functional integrity of any living organism by means of cryopreservation, which cannot yet reverse death, but stabilizes the condition in the meantime.

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to extend their lives by means of advanced technologies, such as cryonics. Currently, too little of scientific resources and research funds is allocated to the study of cryonics technologies. The goal of the CryoGen project is to attract the attention of the world scientific community to this technology, to stimulate fundamental research of creating a completely safe thawing technology. Our activity will boost studies and researches in this field. The results obtained during our work can be used to improve dramatically the quality and longevity of people around the world. The crypto-economic breakthrough provides a chance to make a breakthrough in science, due to the mechanism of crowd investing, which allows attract funds to projects 2 or 3 times faster than through the mechanisms of the classical investment cycles.

The funds raised under the CryoGen project will be used for the development, testing and implementation of the technology for the reversible freezing of human organs and small vertebrates in 5 or 7 years and amniotes and humans in the near future. Feasibility is corroborated in experiments with fragments of animal organs. In February 2017, a fragment of a pig’s heart was reversibly cryopreserved, perfectly. When this technology is fully developed, an ideal biological recovery of the body after freezing and the continuation of its vital activity will become possible.

CryoGen team has the intention of developing and implementation of:

  1. Vitrification (deep cooling which solidifies tissues without ice formation). We are planning to perform vitrification by means of ultra-fast cooling using cold gas blown through the whole body;
  2. Ultra-fast and even rewarming with the use of cryoprotectants with nanoparticles;
  3. New nontoxic cryoprotectants based on inert gases.