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Kript is an Ethereum-based mobile app designed to help crypto investors manage their assets.. Kript ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 09/03/18 – 09/04/18

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web site Kript
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About Kript ICO (token sale)

Kript is a decentralized mobile app designed to help private crypto investors manage their assets. The app simplifies the process of buying and trading, featuring the latest major news and updates about the ICO analytics and price forecasting information, fuelled by the community and by top crypto investors.

Through Kript you can create a balanced investment portfolio, be in touch with successful traders around the world, invest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, and get insightful information about the market.

We are creating a product that implements a service function – a community for like-minded people, informational services, personalised support, and advice.

Users want to buy tokens and make money on them. To strengthen their earnings, they need to understand what to buy, how much, and when to trade. It is necessary for them to do this quickly and easily.

They also need to get personal recommendations on the assets’ purchase/sale compiled in comprehensive and accessible form and have an opportunity to discuss these recommendations online with other investors.

Target markets

Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, Japan, and India. The service is available all around the world on the major mobile platforms with a developed web interface in future.

Tokens issue

We will issue 100 million KRPT tokens with a nominal value of 1ETH =1000 KRPT. During the ICO 40% of the total issue will be available for purchase. Soft cap — 3 000 ETH, hard cap — 40 000 ETH
Any undistributed tokens after the ICO will be burned.

The total number of tokens is limited so they will be protected against inflation. According to the forecast, their value will grow as it depends on the number of users: tokens will be used by users to operate within the platform.