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XGold Coin (XGC) is a gold backed digital crypto-currency option. What makes it different from the 1000 or so other crypto-currency choices available is that it has Real Physical Value.. XGoldCOIN ICO rating – not rated.

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PRE ICO Dates : 11/12/17 – 04/02/18
Ended ICO : 05/02/18 – 01/04/18

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About XGoldCOIN ICO (token sale)

XGold Corporation is a UAE Dubai Corporation with office in Panama, doing business globally. We chose Panama because it is a good jumping off place when traveling through South America. And, further, it straddles both North and South America offering excellent personnel options.

XGold Corporation was created to aggregate many long established Real Physical Gold Interests. Those interests are direct ownership, shared ownership, and long term contractual commitments of mining production in several parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana, Ecuador. We at XGold Corporation are also taking on partners in other Gold producing regions. Currently our business interests stretch the South American continent. We do, however, have colleagues in Africa and Asia who welcome our business model and wish to grow their own business as well as ours.

The Coin

The XGold Coin is a Real Physical Gold based opportunity built on Ethereum Blockchain that allows Coin traders to generate and trade profits from the utilization of discounted Coins linked to the LBMA 2nd fix price of Gold. But, XGold Coins can also be utilized as a mechanism for both personal and business payments: As you would use Bitcoin, or American Express, XGold Coins will be available after the Initial ICO for general use via crypto-exchange centers.

Ethereum generated through utilization of XGold Coins from XGold Coin traders will allow XGold to purchase or lease additional equipment that will allow greater production. XGold intends to share the benefits of greater production by offering initial Coins at a sliding discount scale: PRE-ICO traders will get a larger discount. However, there is room for everyone from “bit-traders” to whole Coin and multi-Coin investors. All, regardless, will have the opportunity to own a piece of the REAL Physical Gold Commodity Market. There is no size to the trade exchange, XGold coins like most crypto-currency options can be fractionalized. Get a bit, or a whole, its all up to the individual trader.

The Plan

XGold company intends to vertically integrate their operations. The plan in brief is as follows:

Generate a successful PRE-ICO (first 8 week period) and begin operations by making strategic investments towards increased Gold production. XGold will be semi-operational, and will perform small “buy-sell” Gold operations. A full ICO will commence on February 05th 2018 (2nd 8 week period) after PRE-ICO. The next step will be to secure additional production sources, particularly in Colombia. But, also to improve transport logistics and point to point management. Improving network relations is critical for sustainable best practices and paramount for successful operations. Additional steps include the incorporation of other resource centers, both in Africa and Asia. Our 4th quarter plan will be the preparation for potential redemption requests. We will have available gold for shipment in exchange for XGold Coins. Additionally, and where possible, we will offer Real Physical Gold at a market discount to XGold Coin holders as our profit sharing plan through our XGold Bullion Centre.

Our second year plan will be to move towards building a Gold refinery. With the combination of both a Bullion Centre and Refinery XGold will have total vertical integration from mine to end user and which allow greater buying power. Greater buying power leads to greater production efficiency at the production source, and a more sustainable aggregated business model.

A sustainable production source promotes shared commitments to the local stakeholders, better jobs for the local mining community, environmental stability, and overall shared profits.