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Moms Avenue combines cutting edge technology and an innovative reward and rating based business model to tap into the largest business opportunity – women entrepreneurs. The platform addresses the pressing issue of the segment‘s unused economic potential. Moms Avenue is designed to build a powerful social network and foster sustainable value by empowering women to start, grow and scale their own businesses. We strive to create a way for community members support each other, generate high-quality content, learn and practice entrepreneurship.

We are creating a new platform enabling the full cycle of the entrepreneurial journey – learning, trying, developing and sharing. The solution supports transparent governance which is enabled by a proof of contribution platform based on virtual utility tokens. Our competitive advantage is that we are one of the first women’s focused social entrepreneurship concept based on on Blockchain technology (SE-DAO). This concept will ensure transparency and enable strategic cooperation between multiple parties. It will also define our organization’s actions, meaning and the mission.

We aim to become a leading blockchain platform for women’s entrepreneurship.

Social and economic inequality between men and women has been one of the most pressing social issues of the past century. Although it is being addressed to a certain extent in different societies, women still face challenges and barriers when working to realize their full economic potential.

According to the latest annual report conducted by Deloitte, the number of women leading 1 boards still remains low globally. Overall, women now hold 12 percent of board seats globally, with only 4 percent in a chair position. Equal pay is also a tremendous issue and will not disappear easily. According to a World Economic Forum press release in October 2016, at the current pace, the global gender gap will not be closed until 2186. Recent Coin 2 Dance data shows that the engagement gap in the Bitcoin market between men and women 3 is still huge – 96.57% of users are men compared to 3.43% women.

A further combined effort including government, business and society in general is required to tackle inequality, and we intend to do our part and tap into this market segment of high economic potential female entrepreneurs that is not currently fully utilized. We believe that a community-driven ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship, is fueled by high-quality content and rewards, and hosted on a blockchain-based platform is the solution.