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Herdius intends to build a highly performant decentralized financial platform. . Herdius ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 18/08/18 – 18/09/18

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web site Herdius
web site Herdius
web site Herdius
web site Herdius
web site Herdius
web site Herdius
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About Herdius ICO (token sale)

Herdius vision is to considerably lower the barrier of entry to the token economy for service providers and end users alike by offering a superior experience. To that end, we aim to introduce an innovative and robust blockchain architecture that addresses the above issues. Our goal is to design a highly performant and scalable infrastructure which enables seamless interoperability between different blockchains. These are critical conditions for adoption by many service providers and present a significant user experience improvement. Our technical white paper also introduces the concept for DIVIWA, an architecture that would enable a distributed virtual wallets network. With DIVIWA, we aim to make using cryptocurrency wallets as simple and convenient as traditional bank accounts.

The possibilities that arise from this are endless. We envision a world where you can instantly take a loan, sign up for an insurance, or access the entire dApp world services – all with just your identity on the Herdius chain. And since the Herdius core technology is intended as an opensource platform, we believe that many developers will consider building the next generation of decentralized apps on top of the Herdius chain.

The Herdius platform intends to be a state-of-the-art distributed system. The architecture we envisage leverages some of the most recent technical developments in the space and introduces several innovative elements. We specifically want to design Herdius with the following goals in mind:

  1. High scalability and low confirmation times.
  2. Cross-chain interoperability and transactions.
  3. Handling private keys in a secure and convenient manner.

Herdius aims at introducing a new type of blockchain that works as a more efficient sidechain perfectly aligning the incentives between validators and users of the network. Our proposed proof-of-stake-based architecture shall be built with the goal to retain all the security that a proof-of-work blockchain provides, yet to significantly cut down on the time needed to confirm a transaction.

We want the Herdius blockchain to be highly scalable thanks to the new blocksof-blocks (BoB) architecture we strive to introduce. BoB is meant to enable the vertical stretching of each block: multiple blocks could be stacked on top of each other. By vertically stretching the blockchain, parallelized validation shall become possible so that individual blocks can be verified independently by staked validator groups.

The highest-level consensus mechanisms which we would like to employ within the Herdius chain is the constructor/queue mechanism. The constructor mechanism is meant to guide the Herdius chain by deciding upon the structure of each block. To this end, the constructor needs to closely collaborate with the queue. The queue mechanism is considered to monitor transaction volume within the network and instructs the constructor on what kind of block structure to lay out.