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BWC is a global retail trading platform built on Blockchains distributed ledger technology.. BITWINNER ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 15/12/17 – 30/12/17

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web site BITWINNER
web site BITWINNER
web site BITWINNER
web site BITWINNER

About BITWINNER ICO (token sale)

Bitwinner exist as a decentralized entities built upon a standard open source or framework comprised of Bitcoin smart contracts and frontend libraries.This libraries provide BItwinner with core functionality is that are necessary to operate an online Marketplace for community. This Framework is designed to be open and extendable allowing BItwinner to be customised and granted additional functionality through the use of blockchain modules.

We also introduce the BItwinner token in order to facilitate open participation and coordination across the network while providing protections from malicious actors. The BItwinner token is multi utility token which is required for application to run Proactive wallets, lending and staking programs.

Bitwinner is digital asset, contributing in the cryptocurrency system. It is a peer to peer transaction system which enhances the Blockchain technology and bases the Cryptography idea. Bitwinner enrolls itself to integrate with commerce systems of our usual transactions. The Bitwinner has its own transaction technology similar to Blockchain which reflects all kind of Crypto currency transactions at a single lane of individual account.

Bitwinner Aims to develope an reliable, secure and Informative cryptocurrency platform for all upcoming cryptocurrency generation. Bitwinner Will be a value added exchanger that brings together proven Technologies and established services that already exist along with others that at this moment can only be a future module for us.

The Bitwinner has very flexible numeric parameters and Returns which will be very helpful in the process of returns and new implementations . this new transactional algorithm will be integrated with the Explorer module and with the wallet module.