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ICO CryptoAlias


Ended ICO : 20/12/17 – 20/01/18

CryptoAlias is a decentralized application built on Ethereum. All the data, such as mappings between aliases and blockchain addresses, is public and accessible to everyone.

CryptoAlias intends to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies, by making Blockchain usage simpler, easier and more secure. Our first goal is to eliminate the need of explicitly using Blockchain addresses, similarly to how domain names eliminated the need of using IPs.

On our platform, users can link their digital wallet addresses to simple, personalized and unique aliases. Instead of explicitly using a long blockchain address in a wallet when sending funds, users can start using the short and easy to remember aliases.

Whether users choose to type an alias or copy/paste a blockchain address when sending funds, before confirming the transaction they will be able to review various information about the receiver, such as status, description, last alias update time, trustworthiness of the alias/address, thus greatly reducing the probability of sending funds to a wrong recipient.

Besides solving a security issue and preventing millions of dollars to be stolen, the major benefit of CryptoAlias is its ease of use and convenience. CryptoAlias will make the blockchain technologies more friendly and secure, thus attracting many more people to this new and exciting technology. However most importantly, CryptoAlias allows users to have an identity, without having to jeopardize their privacy.

We have proved the technical applicability of the project and sketched our vision. Beside the main functionality, we still see a lot of room for improvement. As a result, we plan to take the project further and have provided a number of future directions we intend to take (Identity outsourcing, Inwallet Exchange, 3D-Security, P2P messenger). All these projects will further increase the security of the Blockchain, while at the same time increasing the value for the CryptoAlias users and investors. Beside the benefits that CryptoAlias brings to the Blockchain, our idea is also a viable option for investors. We are targeting a market with an exponential growth rate and a great capacity of adoption, thus making it very likely for our project to bring a high return on investment. With your help, we can reach all Blockchain users and bring everyone the benefits of having a personalized and memorable alias for their Blockchain address. As Cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves, we believe that CryptoAlias can disrupt the Blockchain industry and lead it through a remarkable transformation.