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PRE ICO Dates : 30/10/17 – 02/02/18
Ended ICO : 03/02/18 – 31/03/18

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About Twex ICO (token sale)

We are creating an innovative cryptocurrency crowd-lending platform that will help investors become more liquid. All crowd funding and crowd lending platforms enable users to invest their funds. But what happens when said investor needs cash because of life’s unforeseen reasons? They usually find themselves stranded and suddenly strapped for money.

We at Tag World Exchange (“TWEX”) have set our main goal as creating a unique ecosystem that will enable its users to buy, sell and/or trade their investments when they need it or wish it in a safe way!

Tag World Exchange (“TWEX”) will be a disruptive platform driving change in crowd lending market in an innovative way by using Ethereum Protocol and some open source tools provided by Blockchain technology:

– Cryptocurrency “TWEX Token” to invest in registered companies and use dedicated services in TWEX platform such as (financial audit reports, social media marketing, IT support and legal documentation)

– Smart Contracts to manage automated execution of investments and profit’s conditions

– Sophisticated Hardware Wallet to secure the authentication and investment process of our users Principal Strategies 1) Active social media marketing in order to promote knowledge about our clients to potential investors. 2) Comprehensive explanations about said companies, their products and the people behind it all. 3) Each investor has the only access of their funds through their respective wallet. We do not store any keys of our investors and companies. 4) Valuation is based on the existing, future and or both assets valuation and potential of the companies. Then our proprietary algorithm will ensure that said price matches acquisitions, sales, offer and demands as given to us by the entities that enable sales. 5) Furtherance of sales of products via our own e-commerce platform at later stage.

TWEX Ltd (TAG World Exchange) a startup Company based in the UK with a branch in Portugal and TAG Investment Bankers Ltd (“TAG”) an Investment Banking Company either directly or via its affiliates located in various countries of the European Union and Asia, it also has extensive contacts with various other parties around the World, have jointly designed this new product. The system we are developing has three major components:

– Service Area

– Crowd lending platform

– Hardware Wallet design to be used with our own Exchange Platform and compatible in the future with other exchange services

There are a variety of exchanges out there, but all of those are operating in a traditional waywhere the user needs totrust a centralized system with his funds and expose his data and financial privacy. Numerous times most notably MTGOX has demonstrated the vulnerability of such models.However,theft and server hacks are not the only issue: centralized exchanges are vulnerable to token tracing on a mass scale, which is a serious violation of users’ privacy.

Furthermore,we consider privacy as a fundamental human right, which needs to be protected as far as possible. All private data sent over the TWEX Platformis end-to-end encrypted. No privileged access to any data (public data is public to everyone, private data only accessible to the traders). But, similarly, we also perform a stringent KYC on all of our clients and have an Anti-Money Laundering charter that we strive to comply with and to thus enforce.