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PRE ICO Dates : 25/12/17 – 10/01/18
Ended ICO: 11/01/18 – 18/01/18

FIRST AND FOREMOST COIN to be backed by Major Solar Companies
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Solareum is a currency that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain that is the FIRST AND FOREMOST COIN to be backed by Major Solar Companies. SOLAREUM offer Discounts on Solar Panels, Free Renewable Items, Discounts on EXCLUSIVE Solar Heating only provided in the U.S by America Green Solar and Rewards for Ownership of Solar Panels all across the world! SOLAREUM currency changes the world in making energy pay you, instead of you paying for your energy!

Cryptocurrencies have come to stay and will dictate the tune for all business transactions, P2P or B2B, in the nearest future which is already here. With the recent passing of the Defense bill in the tune of 700 Billion Dollars the government is in early stages to study and regulate the cryptocurrency market, proliferation of cryptocurrencies platforms, and it’s functions. However these studies and indeed the cryptocurrency market space will need more than blockchain to sustain ethical practices and build trust and reliability. This is where Solareum comes in. As a major cryptocurrency service provider, Solareum provides a secure platform for users to transact with each other on a decentralized, blockchain, smart contracts platform. SOLAREUM will be Serving as the first to be backed my the major companies and contractors in its sector. It’s main function will be to transact with each other via smart contracts paid for with our valid Tokens.

Unlike current fiat currencies that lose value, Solareum token, SLRM, will increase in value because of its limited supply and liquidity. The general public have an opportunity to buy into the Solareum advantage by making the most of its ICO.

Just as cryptocurrencies are poised to dictate the future of the global economy going by some exciting analysis of their growth patterns as well as the coming up many service providers, it has equally become a matter of increasing demand for reliability and maintenance of standards and best practices within the ecosystem. Even though blockchain exists to regulate the system, the presence of reliable operators remains key to its survival. Solareum remains at the forefront of maintaining ethical standards and best practices as well as simplifying the crypto coin language to a non-tech market.