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infinitum coin
ICO Infinitum Coin

Infinitum Coin

Ended ICO : 18/01/18 – 18/04/18

Infinitum Coin is a new Cryptocurrency designed to merge the virtual with the physical world.

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About the ICO

Infinitum Coin is a new Cryptocurrency designed to merge the virtual with the physical world. Our project consists of five separate goals:

  1. Physical Coin Minting
  2. Build Crypto Currency
  3. Crypto Debit Card
  4. Exchange Listing
  5. Merchant Gateway

What is in the ICO

  • The sale of 8 Billion tokens. We want Infinitum coin to be the next major crypto currency for this to happen there needs to be a large supply of coins.
  • Tokens will be allocated to the customers account and converted into Infinitum coin digital currency after the ICO. At this point customer can transfer the coins to their private wallets and trade the coins.
  • 300 free tokens for registering and spreading the word using Facebook and Twitter. We are doing this to help promote Infinitum coin and also give people a chance to gain a small holding of tokens at no charge. We believe the more people who have the tokens the better.
  • Physical solid silver coin. We have already minted a beautiful physical Infinitum coin, this physical coin will be available during the ICO and will be sent out within two days of placing your order. The physical coin is made using one troy ounce of pure silver and minted to a deep relief the coin can also act as a cold wallet and store 1000 Infinitum coins. The physical coins will be sent out using FedEx including free worldwide delivery.
  • Our project is to launch and seed a new crypto currency simultaneously giving said currency a respectable market value. We need the value of the currency to encourage retail merchants and online shops to use our merchant apis and start accepting Infinitum coin.
  • ICO pricing starts at $0.10 per token and goes up to $1.50 by the end of the ICO. There is a more details price timeline along with key dates below.