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PATRON is a one stop shop for social media influencers worldwide. PATRON ICO rating – not rated.


Ended ICO : 27/03/18 – 08/05/18

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About PATRON ICO (token sale)

Patron ICO is the platform for supporting the influencers’ market. It’s provides influencers’ sharing economy. (model : Airbnb)

Influencers and SNS users around the world will be able to post, discover and book social media sharing economy information on the internet and mobile tablet. PATRON is a highly reliable marketing place of influencers’ sharing economy, where the influencer’s SNS delivery frame are tokenized utilizing blockchain technology.

Core Function of PATRON:

1. Sharing the influencer’s SNS delivery frame at the spot. (Pay every time)

2. Share an Influencer exclusively for several months (Pay monthly).

3. Acquire favorite influencers and monopolize (annual contract)

In various cases as above it is possible to deploy various business on PATRON platform.

PATRON will issue an open source cryptocurrency called PATRON COIN (PAT)

PAT is a common currency within the service used for various PATRON services. PAT is built on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

Issuance of PAT

PATRON will distribute 240 million PAT out of a total supply of 400 million in the ICO. The funds collected in the ICO will be used to build PATRON services, app development, facility preparation, legal and audit systems, etc. 160 million PAT will be allocated to PATRON to be used strategically for the long-term development of PATRON with distribution to board members and advisors.

Patron will eliminate previous concerns in the influencer marketing industry that included many intermediaries that heavily impacted margins for influencers.