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eBit Payment

PRE ICO Dates : 24/11/17 – 22/12/17
Ended ICO : 01/01/18 – 26/01/18

eBit Payment LLC, offers exchanges, including crypto-currency exchanges, without unnecessary third parties.

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eBit Payment LLC, offers exchanges, including crypto-currency exchanges, without unnecessary third parties. eBit payment will also offer its own token. We gradually plan to extend usage of our tokens – through ebit coins. Generally, our goal and the desired effect is to have just one party in the middle – eBit payment. That would mean exchanging currencies with the smallest possible spread – a maximum of 0.99%, which is, compared to some other solutions, dozens of times less.

eBit Payment offers a solution to the problem above – it is the first system to connect payments in classic FIAT currencies with crypto-currencies. We have dubbed it, a personal online currency exchanger in the form of a payment card.

Technological development, specifically in the finance field is currently one of the hottest topics, and with no surprise – it practically creates infinite possibilities. We created and we innovated, and now we finally have a solution that can guarantee users the simple comfort of usage. eBit Payment will allow the possibility to make fast and affordable international bank transfers and quick purchases with payment cards, that can be managed through the use of an Android or IOS phone. This scale of services can’t be found anywhere else, not even in traditional banking. From now on, thanks to the ICO capital, this capability will also be available for our average users.

eBit Payment is not a bank, it offers much more than standard bank products – the ability to have all your transactions, accounts, and currencies in one place, paying only the minimum price for exchanges, transfers or card payments. Some of the typical features will stay of course. Users will be able to transfer money between each other as well, on top of receiving and sending standard transfers, in all currencies, in real time.