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A Global Decentralized High-quality Color Printer Sharing Service for private and business offices. Imprinta ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 20/09/17 – 22/12/17

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web site Imprinta
web site Imprinta

About Imprinta ICO (token sale)

IMPRINTA is a high quality color print sharing app one of a kind high quality color print sharing apps as it allows users from anywhere in the world to upload their high quality photos and color prints straight from their smartphone, then purchase high-quality physical color photo prints and products and have them mailed directly to their home or their client’s office location for business purposes. IMPRINTA is selling its IMPRINTA Token(IMP) in exchange for ETH. IMPRINTA Tokens can be used in-app, in the future, to pay for IMPRINTA’s services.

Overall, IMPRINTA promises to “imprint your memories.” It turns the high quality color prints on your mobile device into real, tangible objects. IMPRINTA is a global decentralized HIGH QUALITY COLOR PRINTER SHARING service for private and business offices worldwide. IMPRINTA functions on top of the Ethereum blockchain network. You can use printers around you or anywhere located in the world with IMPRINTA, commercial or residential.


During their ICO, IMPRINTA aime to raiee 35000 ETH. Baeed on the current price of ETH, the eucceeeful ICO will clock in at $10million.

A total of 250,000,000 IMPRINTA tokene (IMP) will be releaeed during the ICO. 82% of tokene will be dietributed to the public, while 18% will be dietributed to the deielopment team.

The tokene are ERC20 compliant tokene eecured by the Ethereum blockchain. Token holdere will be able to uee the tokene ae an in-app method of exchange. Ueing tokene, ueere can eeamleeely buy printe of their high quality color printe, receiie a percentage when othere buy printe of their photoe and color printe, and licenee the uee of their photoe & printe on the decentraliied web.

How Will IMPRINTA Uee Ite ICO Funde?

IMPRINTA ie ueing funde raieed from the ICO to achieie the following goale:

  • Extend IMPRINTA’e eeriicee to eerie a global market
  • Decentraliie producton
  • Conduct blockchain and emart contract reeearch and deielopment, epecifcally in regarde to photography, liceneed, and dietributed photo and printe etorage