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ICO Network Units

Network Units

PRE ICO Dates : 08/11/17 – 23/12/17
Ended ICO : 23/12/17 – 21/01/18

Network units is a way to Decentralize multiplayer gaming and to provide developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality.

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Network units is a way to Decentralize multiplayer gaming and to provide developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality. We will use the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract functionality to create a platform that will allow hardware owners (service providers) to share their unused Bandwidth and CPU resources with developers who would traditionally require their own servers to drive their multiplayer functionality and earn tokens for doing so. Gamers can mine tokens from the platform by connecting their wallets to their gaming accounts to become active clients. Therefore Network Units has a unique mining process with two very different but interesting ways to mine tokens.

Turning trash into treasure.

There is a lot of unused processing power and bandwidth out there, Network Units intends to leverage it into a decentralized, blockchain controlled infrastructure used for multiplayer gaming that is cost effective and reliable.

Multiplayer functionality can be easier and cheaper to integrate.

With our easy to integrate Unity Asset developers can be freed of having to write complicated network code and the infrastructure that drives it. It will be available on the Unity Asset Store which is a highly popular third-party marketplace for the Unity Engine. This allows faster time to market and savings regarding development costs. Additionally, because Network Units relies on processing power and bandwidth that would otherwise be wasted, we can ensure a cost-effective solution that is cheaper than cloud services or dedicated hosting providers.

Gamers can mine tokens by playing .

Network units is unique in the sense that its verification process rewards gamers that connect their wallets to their gaming accounts with tokens as they help verify the service providers. Not only does this help improve active user counts but it can drive new players to your game that are looking for fresh ways to mine tokens and have plenty of fun in the process.

A reputation system .

The Network Units framework will have an in-built cross platform reputation system. This way when you are a collaborative player in one game it is likely you will be matched with collaborative players in all the games you play on the NU infrastructure. This reputation system can be used to support communities (guilds/clans/alliances) that are looking for a particular style of players or a minimum reputation/score. Our anti cheating mechanism will be built right into the NU framework and will work hand in hand with the reputation system in order to prevent cheaters getting matched with the fair playing majority.

Network Units is decentralized Because the NU platform is decentralized we can offer a more resilient solution that is backed by its automatic failover in the event of a catastrophe or deliberate malpractices. This ensures players are seamlessly moved to a new provider so their gaming can continue without disruption.