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Ended ICO : 16/11/17 – 01/05/18

We are connecting financial worlds. Forty Seven Bank is going to build the bridge between crypto community and traditional finance world.

ICO rating: 85/100
Business: 17/20
Product readiness: 1/5
White Paper: 10/10
Roadmap: 10/10
Legal: 5/5
Team: 17/20
ICO terms: 4/5
Token applying: 5/5
ICO Promotion: 16/20

The mission of Forty Seven Bank is to provide safe, innovative and user friendly financial services and products to our customers – individuals, businesses, developers, traders, financial and governmental institutions. Our range of products will unite cryptoworld and traditional finance world and grant new unique opportunities to both of them.


Multi-Asset Account — featured product of Forty Seven Bank which allows customer to get access to all the accounts in different banks, as well as to all crypto wallets and investment tools via one application.

The bank will invent crypto debt-instrument product — Crytobonds which will allow companies to attract financing in cryptocurrencies.

Wide range of products and services for businesses including payment processing, financing & factoring, invoicing, card issuing, etc.

Payment processing solutions for other financial institutions and white label Bank as a Service solutions for developers.


Forty Seven Bank is going to build the bridge between crypto commu- nity and traditional finance world.

We will create ecosystem compliant with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) introduced by the European Commission that comes into force in January, 2018.

The ecosystem will operate with full support of blockchain, smart contracts, biometrics and machine learning technologies.

Forty Seven Bank will be the first financial institution providing full support to cryptocurrencies that is compliant with full regulatory framework.


By the virtue of the new banking regulations and decentralisation of the services which optimises communication between transaction parties, the PSD2 directive imposes significant operational changes and creates single digital market in Europe where consumers can proceed their financial management from the platform which aggregates previous individual services. Forty Seven Bank in this case, outstands by the fact of the digital cryptocurrency transaction services and processing support. Forty Seven Bank clients will have an opportunity to analyse and manage all financial operations in fiat and non-fiat curren- cies using flexible analytical functions of our smart software. For technically advanced clients, there will be the possibility to manage a bank account via API.

Products for Private Persons


Products for Business


Products for Developers

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ICO terms

Abbreviation: FSBT.

Minimum budget to start the project: 3 600 ETH (1M EUR).
Hardcap: 36 000 ETH (10M EUR).

Accepted cryptocurrencies on ICO: ETH, BTC.

ICO round 1:
 November 16 – December 16, 2017.
ICO round 2: December 17 – February 28, 2018.
ICO round 3: March 1 – March 31, 2018.

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