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Librium is a decentralized, transparent digital labor platform built on the Blockchain.. Librium ICO rating – not rated.

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Ended ICO : 08/12/17 – 08/01/18

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About Librium ICO (token sale)

Librium provides an on demand, digital workforce for businesses. As a hybrid between a SaaS marketplace and a freelance platform, Librium connects markets of over supply to markets of undersupply. Librium empowers Digital Businesses, Service Providers (SPs), and workers.

Companies join the network wanting to improve and grow their businesses. Through the network those companies gain access to a decentralized digital workforce, with micro-opportunities identified and staffed by Service Providers in the form of Workers of Librium Ecosystem.

Workers are members of the decentralized workforce. They provide skilled labor through Service Providers who identify opportunities and provide tools for increased work efficiency. Each worker is also given the opportunity to invest time, to earn returns beyond the going rate.

SPs are the apps of the ecosystem, whose role is to identify opportunity. SPs leverage workers’ skill by building tools and platforms, allowing them to bring value to digital partners. Example SPs range from content marketing creation to online sales teams to affiliate programs and more.

Librium Loan System

Individuals can invest their time, working for Digital Partners through Service Providers, to earn more than they would have otherwise. By doing so, they help digital businesses bootstrap their operations and bring value to the Librium Ecosystem. In return, they receive returns on their hard work when the businesses they invested their time in do well, earning everyone more money.

Librium Award System

Actors of the Librium Ecosystem will be incentivized to participate and bring value to the ecosystem, and rewarded Librium EQL based on their results. The Librium Award System will play a big role in the early days of the ecosystem, when most of the rewards will be distributed. This will help with building fundamental value for the Librium Ecosystem, alongside the introduction of Librium inside SparkSales.io

Librium Essential Wallet

The Librium Wallet will enable e-commerce websites to utilize Librium at scale. This includes the implementation of a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet for Librium. The Librium Wallet will hold a restricted wallet, to be utilized in the Librium Ecosystem and allocate Workers, and an unrestricted wallet to exchange Librium in and out.

Librium connects Businesses, Service Providers, and Workers.

As an example, the Service Provider SparkSales.io, deploys its proprietary chat-based sales system and sales prediction algorithms on e-commerce websites to leverage workers’ human touch to help increase online sales.